Target Agreement Innovative Design

Seminar series about innovations in the area of goal – and incentive systems. Dates in Dusseldorf, Munich, Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig. Hamburg, Wuppertal 30.03.2011 – more and more companies are recognizing: the target agreement systems established decades ago are no longer grown today’s requirements. They are considered medium-term inflexible and long term effect weak. Opposing interests of the parties reduce the quality of the destination sessions. In the new Dashofer seminar series, decision makers learn how to achieve sustainable improvements of existing target agreement systems with ingeniously simple measures. Every year again: the target conversation is. Employees in almost all companies of their executives to talk be loaded once per year. Incyte follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The objectives of prescribed communication: Agree jointly and equally challenging annual targets, a retrospective of the year keep each other open feedback. But the reality is different. The date is often inconvenient in the hustle and bustle of the everyday business. Instead of the open feedback conversation occurs the urgent form of goal in the foreground. Because it is at the same time to the future level of charges, incentive payments or to the variable remuneration linked to the objectives, is often tricked and haggling as to an Oriental bazaar. The art of strategic negotiation predominates instead of harmonious coexistence. Because one wants to leave the interview room with highest possible fee increase and low targets for the coming year, the other must keep budget constraints, remuneration policies and to achieve overall goals in mind. It remains unclear whether the agreed annual target a few months is later preserved.

Turbulence due to profound changes in the company or on external influences today are the rule. What to do with the still valid, rigid targets? Game taking the popular target correction but only down, please. Conventional target agreement systems it is missing on Flexibility, sustainability, a benefit for the long-term of profitability of the company.