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The poet was born in a humble family of the suburb, other people’s of all the difficulties and perigos in its return. He was adopted to the two years of age, living with this new family until completing 18 years. Since its infancy, he liked to contemplate the nature, to write small poems and keeps them, as he was himself its small daily one. Shy, not possua friends in the school, much less in the quarter where it liveed, exactly thus, costumava to talk with people who crossed its way in beaches, the parks, squares, at last, where it was possible to contemplate the nature for some daily moments. To the 15 years, it discovered its first passion. One was about a girl who studied in the same school and that to the times she liked to talk with it. Adroll pursues this goal as well.

Extrovert, very did not bind for the shyness of the poet or its same silence in classroom. Whenever they could they met in the square in front of school and passed hours talking on any subject of its interest. the poet dreamed in its cocoon, of one day to be able to namorar that pretty girl, colored person of the clear eyes and long hair, inspired source of many poetries its. However, its shyness confused to it. Two years of friendship and love not corresponded had been transferred, when its twin soul if moved with its father for a distant quarter, being obliged to be transferred of school. For the poet, this event was the moment most painful of its life until that moment. A anguish took account of its heart for the first time in the life, the life seemed to lose its direction and its performance in the school started to fall down disastrously from a high place of a sufficiently preoccupying form. Months had been transferred to heal the wound caused for the absence of its first love.

The Occurrence

Although everything I did not discourage, I continued raising hypotheses, analyzing the suspected facts and, remembered, of surprise, to have seen faxineira in the day of the homicide, minutes before the occurrence in the bathroom, but this time I was not until the director, did not want instantaneously to display me to ridicule accusing somebody that, in fact could be innocent. However, my desire was to verwhelm the fastest possible assassin; I thought to make threats and to make to confess it the crime all, however I withdrew, would have that to be more cautious, then I decided seguiz it, however I did not get success some, the woman was perfectly normal, as age of custom, did not make nothing not to be its service, it still arrived to perceive that I was following it, but, he was not imported and still he asked to me if he was in order to help it to wash it the bathrooms. I perceived that its farda was a little dirty of next blood to the knee, and decided to inquire it on what it happens, it counted to me that it falls when it was washing the bathroom. I was half distrustful, but later that it showed the enormous wound to me that was in its knee, decided to forget that it could be the homicide. I continued more in my inquiry deep, I looked for to now know, if my friend, had some enemy and finished remembering its former-boyfriend, who also studied in our school and that later that my friend had breached namoro with it, for being gotten passionate for optimum friend of it, he was constant the threats who it made of if killing, however, I do not remember an only time, it to have it threatened of death, but who knows it did not have lost the head and committed so great madness.

The Aderbal

Also, it vacilava when the subject hung for the shield of the taxi. The friends commenting: Makes face, you to repent does not go you? It would not really go, if it had grana to make. When der Ramires, when to give? it broke off conversation. The Barbosinha if disembarassed with a good one? the friend spoke of open chest? he took balao and nor he felt tickles? laughing. Sidney also laughed, it laughs to toa. Arriving at the airport it rethink the plans and it concluded: Shield is thing of cool? it said of itself for itself.

Much even so, has said of the mouth for is. In this it parked, needed to wait the time, more than the fog on the city delays the flights, went to be one day of those? it discouraged. Araceli and the pair of thighs that flirted with it last year. Chorosa it, needing shoulder friend, descornada until the soul because the unfortunate person of the husband walked sleeping with the secretary. He measured the low from above mulata, the so pretty one and cheirosa, he did not think two times, in if treating to love, of affective lack, he was craque. He said the friends: I am not of iron, Ramires.

Later, hom that he is hom does not waste woman-good! If it catches you to the Maria? the colleague joked. If to catch, caught? it said in a pretending disdain. A time per week saw Araceli. It made right with the colleagues the schedule exchange, in the cellular one brought the lie in the tip of the language: Maria, I go to have that to take a passenger until Tramanda? or then: I go to give a force Aderbal pro, pra it not to be alone is, you the dangerous one today! Aderbal was the friend imaginary, abetter of the ragged excuses, in house ached the heart when listening, of the limp and black mouth of the wife: The Aderbal goes well? It goes, taking off pains in the column? it chokeed.