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Learning Difficulties

Clarifica that the moral rules are unquestioned and need to be obeyed by all the learning, however, the conventional rules need to be debated, therefore it has moments, for example, that the dialogue between the pupils is a healthful form of communication and expression. With regard to the teaching performance inadequate, it can be affirmed that the necessary professor to have knowledge on the substance which gives e, mainly, to launch hand of efficient strategies to repass the pupil, in case that contrary, will have fatigue and disinterest for the subject. Being necessary to affirm that tdio it is not confused with indiscipline. Some contend that Movie Star shows great expertise in this. Vichessi (2009) presented a research carried through in 2007 with 500 professors of all the country and disclosed that 69% of them pointed the indiscipline and the attention lack enters the main problems of the classroom. It demonstrates, basically, two reasons so that such phenomenon occurs: ) the inadequao in the process of education and b) inadequate teaching performance. Already Tiba (1996, pg. 117 and 118) affirms that it has some factors that ' ' they can take a pupil if not hold of form adjusted in activities that need a functional integration with others pessoas.' ' Thus, the related author, elenca the main reasons for pertaining to school indiscipline: ) the characteristic staffs (psychiatric riots, neurological, of personality, neurotics, ' ' normticos' ' , of behavior that bothers little; mental deficiency and stages of the development, such as, pubertria confusion, pubertria onipotncia, long distance, menarca/mutation and youthful onipotncia and syndrome of fifth series), b) characteristic relationary (riots between the proper colleagues and distortions of auto-esteem) and c) riots and disobediences of professors. Considering the meaning of the normtico word that comes of normose, which if relates the definitive behaviors assented as normal, however in the reality are abnormal, as the revolt, that is an abnormal behavior, however in the phase of the adolescence it can be said that it is normal, since it is presented as resulted of some developments that the young is passing.

Bridge To Total Freedom

System of self in Scientology is based on a table levels. It was developed by L. Ron Hubbard and is applicable to every person who wants to improve various aspects of their lives. Table levels and called Bridge to Total Freedom. In this table has two sides – training and auditing.

Education – is the left side of the bridge. It painted the steps of training an auditor (a person who ‘hears’, he asks questions and the person receive answers to them, resulting in a person starts a new understanding of their life), and that he should be able to perform at each step to proceed to the next. After a certain level of training auditor takes a class that tells which step on the Bridge, he can give to others. Auditing – is the right side of the bridge, which describes the movement of people to the state of the clergy. After each of the steps on this side of the bridge a person acquires a specific ability, which was sent this step. With each subsequent action of the person receives more than last year.

Further progress on the Table of stages increases the level of awareness man, making him more freedom. This system improvement is unique and provides the most stable results. For half a century, many people change their lives for the better thanks to this technology! After that, they can help others in solving problems and improving condition. Contact the auditor right now! “Perhaps you were taught that to know the mind, spirit and life is very difficult. Here is the first principle of Scientology: knowledge of mind, spirit and life is possible.

More Moreover

Just as the computer, unfortunately, our brains sometimes fail to remember details. Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace them, treat them trying to neurosurgeons and psychiatrists, and sometimes even successfully. As well as in computer, our software (mind) sometimes starts to fail. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hillary Clinton. What do you ask a psychic? What if our mind begins to “slow down”, “hang on” and “fail”? Most likely, it begs an answer as is the case with your home computer, to see a specialist. Repair professional software, combined in one word “psyche”, for short urgently need psychological counseling. That he looked at what programs you have sboyat which viruses interfere with, but with you it all and forged.

But no, then begins again a paradox! Yes, the “buggy mentality,” yes, “your nerves or to hell,” yes, “do not know what was happening to me,” but – “he’ll deal!”. Paragraph! And why when the issue concerns the mind, everyone fancies himself an expert? Again stupid somehow everything turns, and therefore doubly sad! Want to scream out loud! Everything! Everything! Everything! Those who do not want to go to a psychologist! Those who do not know that such experts exist! So who knows, but has no idea what they are doing! For those who need psychological help, but he does not know how to understand yourself, help yourself, and how, at the end of it all, rebuild their lives! Those who doubt that psychological counseling can really help! Know! Modern psychology has at its disposal all the necessary tools to deal with any psychological problems – ranging from personal complexes, ending conflict groups and manipulation of public consciousness of the masses! Every professional psychologist (a graduate psychology department of the university) owns at least the minimum necessary equipment. Experienced experts in their field, with years of experience, respect themselves, love their work psychologists hold all your luggage technology. To date, there are real psychological techniques that allow for one advice to get rid of the deep and lingering “fear, in a short period of withdrawal from a prolonged major depression (regardless of the reasons therefor), to remove the neurotic dependence, effectively resolve internal conflicts. There are techniques that can change the emotional attitude toward earlier traumatic events, organize the lost, as it seemed, relationships with family and build a constructive engagement with the outside world. More Moreover, these technologies allow any age to learn new and effective strategies of behavior in this world, rewrite the old a template and, ultimately, to become literally another man! Do not worry, it’s not about hypnosis and not even, God forbid, not about any witchcraft. It’s just a professional applied psychology. You are using a consultant yourself all you will do as they say “sane and awake, while remaining themselves themselves, but eventually will become much better, freer and happier! Computer scientists call this process the word “upgrade”, motorists use the term “tuning” (watching “Pimp My Ride”?). You do not do that, if not an advanced hacker or experienced mechanic? And if you do not graduate , why do you trust yourself to experiment on his psyche, rather than make an appointment with a psychologist? ps Maybe it does not matter what was in your past, but it is important that there is a real and important as the will in the future? If you are dissatisfied with your current state, is not engaged in self-refer to the professionals in this business. Not deprive myself tomorrow, which will be filled with the joy of life!