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The majority of people who decide to create a web page, usually do without any kind of planning; i.e., they build the site on the fly, slowly knowing what is required for its success. This ignorance achieves that the construction of the web is improvised, without concrete objectives; which inevitably leads to their failure and gradual expulsion of the network. At first, it is necessary to determine what type of product or service will be offered to visitors. Knowing this point you will save many headaches because all your energy and effort will be focused on the promotion and sale of that product and not to another thing. Once you decide the foregoing, it will be easier to think of a specific design, either hire a professional in the area and tell him what you want, or have the disposition to learn HTML, where you’ll have the freedom to create the detail comes to mind. It is here, after design, where you can decide what kind of band requires your web page, because what you want containing applications that you drive, and will depend on the speed of bandwidth you have. So far everything is going well, but one not considered aspect makes its appearance. Money or capital for the creation of the page is related to its design.

While more complicated is its interface and the Interactivities to present, increased their spending of creation in time and money. In addition, you must purchase a domain and hire the service of hosting or web hosting, that will vary in price depending on our needs. In the event that planning that you want the user registration, you should consider that technology will be more accurate than HTML, because a database is required to make logs work correctly. Finally, the planning of a web page would not be complete without considering the use of a statistical system such as StatCounter that will allow you to know how many visitors you have per day or week. Knowing this information will help you to make decisions for improvement and updates that require the content of the same.


Find original gifts for men is difficult, and for parents it can be even more. At least for me, all gifts of technology are discarded. Your father will take a few years, but even so it is possible to give a unique experience, something that is going to do for the first time. Gwyneth Paltrow can provide more clarity in the matter. Does your father has flown in a balloon? Has he driven a Ferrari? Has he piloted a small plane? Then some ideas so that you find the gift that will make you illusion. Your father dares with heights? If so, can give you an experience of air: flying in a balloon is a unique experience, difficult to compare to any other: a journey suspended in the air aimlessly. Knowing where plug but not where you land. Without feeling the wind, moving you along to him and next to the clouds. Become a pilot for a day is a much more active experience: sit at the controls of a plane and decide where you want to go and at what speed.

Under you, one of the most beautiful areas of Andalusia in the province of Granada. Surely the time will be recorded in the retina of your father forever! It is a gourmet? In this case choose a cuisine experience. If your father enjoys the pleasure of eating, you can ask yourself to give her a gastronomic journey in the Priorat with visit to cellar included, a getaway to the Ribera del Duero or an oenological stay in the Penedes.

Working Smart

I want to show you quickly the first three elements that must have a system of smart work by Internet.1. LANDING PAGE.In general, a landing page is the site where we offer something that the prospect wants and needs, in exchange for their contact details. The landing or capture page has a dual purpose: provide valuable information to the visitors, in a manner such that perceive that with us they will have the opportunity to duly inform about how can they do a business on the Internet and train correctly for a conscious and educated decision. You have on hand the necessary information from the person concerned, in order to make the appropriate follow-up to offer you our business or any other product that we have at our disposal and that is its maximum benefit. 2. LETTER OF SALE.A letter by which you try to sell a product generic, informative, and low-cost extremely useful for business current or future prospectus. This letter should be drafted professionally, following proven rules of marketing in order to show the benefits of the generic product that we are offering initially widely. 3.

THE FOLLOW-UP MATERIAL.They are messages, reports, newsletters, etc which we will send to people who placed their data capture page. This material must have the following characteristics: valuable free for the reader. Related to the industry of MLM or business online. Sequential. Your presentation can be in writing or via audio or videos is of utmost importance that you compose your own emails, always thinking about what you need your subscriber, this will make you different from the other networkers putting them a touch of your personality as a leader. In one next installment will continue showing you the other three elements that make your system work is smart and effective. .

New Designers Templates

Today the official announcement of new designer templates for Blogger, which, according to the company, is the first important step, not only in the improvement of designs becomes if not also in the way in which the user can improve the appearance and layout of your blog. If you access to Blogger in Draft, you will find new customizable templates (15), designs for 1, 2 or even 3 columns for each template, allowing suit size and arrangement of these, and also hundreds of background images. After logging in to your Blogger account, you will have to give in design, and at the top click the option of template designer, where you can have access to change the layout of your page, which is displayed in a preview before you give the option, apply to the blog is displayed. In loqueNecesitas.com you can see a video showing this tool in action. In my opinion this application fairly facilitates the development of designs that you can create the outline of a blog in a matter of minutes. If you are a Blogger user, or want to create a new account, you will have to access the official website of this program Blogger in Draft for more information or to make use of this tool. Original author and source of the article