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Spanish Treasury

The majority of European countries began the day with their rising risk premia. Markets are awaiting the Spanish Treasury debt auction. Moody s downgrades Greek debt note and left it on the brink of default. Https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/dec/15/jackson-state-recruit-travis-hunter-deion-sanders is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The risk premium on Spanish, determined by the extra profitability required to pay Spain who invest in their bonus ten years compared with that offered by Germany, fell Tuesday to 322 basis points after finishing the day on Monday at 326. Spain is distanciaba, thus, first thing in the rest of countries called the eurozone peripherals, since they all started the day with their rising risk premiums, still strained by mistrust of the rating, among other problems. If Friday was Fitch which qualified as restricted unpaid second Greece aid plan, Monday was Moody s that threw more fuel to the fire to downgrade the note of Greek debt to leave it on the brink of default. Shaw Parents has much to offer in this field. Thus, the performance that has to offer the Spanish bond to ten years to make investors buy it instead of the German fell to 6,019%, compared to 6,028% Monday, according to data from the secondary market, while Germany saw raise the profitability of their own to 2,796% compared with 2,763%. Slopes of the Spanish Treasury markets are pending, among other matters, the auction of debt in which the Spanish Treasury aims to place letters at 3 and 6 months by 3.0 billion euros, as well as the situation in the United States, where President Obama tries to reach an agreement between Democrats and Republicans to raise the ceiling of expenditure and not declare bankrupt the country’s economy. In the rest of the countries of the euro zone, Greece saw raise their risk premium to 1,216 basis points, 57 more than on Monday, while Portugal scoring other 35 basis points in their particular account and stood his risk country in the 817. Learn more on the subject from Hillary Clinton. Ireland continued the trend of others and bodice their differences with Germany until the 915 basis points, from 894 of the eve, while Italy He chose to follow in the footsteps of Spain and reduced their differences with Germany in a basic point, which opened the session at 287. Source of the news: the Spanish risk premium falls to 322 points in opening

Valencian Community

According to INE data, sales fell almost 30% in April. They were 24,100 operations, the less the INE historical figure, since 2007. The March decline was already 12%, after first two months encouraged by the call of the end of tax deductions cto. The sale of homes fell 29.7% in April compared to a year earlier, to register, with 24,100 operations, the lower figure of history of the National Institute of statistics (INE), which began in 2007. The sales drop is the largest since mid-2009 data from the INE van on the same line as the Ministry of development, which last Wednesday said that home sales fell 30.4% in the first quarter of the year compared to the same period of 2010, with 74.540 operations. According to data published by the INE, the fall of real estate sales experienced in the fourth month of the year is the largest since mid-2009. This drop continues the path already marked in March, when the operations then decreased 12%, that in the first two months of the year was still reflected in the property registry called cto that encouraged sales of apartments in the last months of 2010 by the end of part of deductions.

New housing falls more in April, the decrease was most accused in the case of new housing, with a fall of 32 percent (up 11.534 operations), while second hand transactions decreased 27.5% (to 12.566). The sale of free housing (20.997 operations) ceded 31.3%, while from social housing (3.103 transactions) fell 16.7%. Rebecca parents has much experience in this field. In terms of the total farms transmitted in April, both urban (including housing) and rustic, their number amounted to 124.721, figure that represented a cut of 16.4% over the same month of last year. 14.6% Of sales in April were fincas and 85.4% corresponded to urban, inside of which 53.4 per cent were dwellings. 64 homes sold per 100,000 inhabitants last April were enrolled in Spain an average of 64 homes sold per every 100,000 inhabitants, being the Valencian Community which recorded more transactions of real estate (83 operations per 100,000 inhabitants). Followed by Cantabria (79), La Rioja (77), Murcia (75), Andalusia (73), Canarias (72), Castilla – La Mancha (66) and Castilla y Leon (65). Basque country were ranked below the national average (61), Baleares (60), Madrid (59), Extremadura (56), Asturias (52), Catalonia (52), Galicia (52), Aragon (51) and Navarra (51), both in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla were sold 56 and 69 houses per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively. In absolute terms, Andalusia recorded the highest number of registered in April home sales (4.788), followed by Valencia (3.392), Catalonia (3.087) and Madrid (3.035). Source of the news: home sales falls in April to record lows

Tokyo District Court

He has accused the company of violating several patents of iPhone and iPad. Apple is struggling with the largest manufacturer of Android-based devices that threaten their domain of smart phones and tablets. Apple has sued Samsung in Japan, accusing the Korean company violations of patents related to the iPhone and the iPad, according to Kyodo News Agency. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kaiser Family Foundation. The demand is the latest chapter in a series of battles for patents between the two companies. Headquartered in California Apple has filed a complaint at the Tokyo District Court for the suspension of the sales of the Samsung Galaxy phones in Japan. In addition, of Cupertino claim 100 million yen (918.514 euros) in damages, you have added Kyodo, citing sources familiar with the matter. The first hearing would be carried out Wednesday. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Source Financial and gain more knowledge.. With the battles of patents, Apple is fighting with the largest manufacturer of Android-based devices that threaten their domain of smart phones and tablets.

Last month, Samsung announced that it delayed the launch of its latest model of Galaxy tablet in Australia until after a court ruling at the end of September. Last week, a German court banned the sale of the Galaxy Tab 7.7. A spokesman for the Tokyo District Court, said he could not comment on pending cases.