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Campaignings Digital

The Berlin Music Week music and its communication revolves around the post digital magazine. Together with media partner Berlin Club night Aperto brings out a music output of corporate magazines plenary. The official launch will take place at the beginning of the club night on September 7. No other industry has changed so rapidly through the digitization as the music industry. The new post-digital magazine in the form of features, interviews, glosses, and guest comments devoted to their current marketing and communication opportunities. Check out Harrison Ford for additional information. is currently assessing future choices. The latest communications strategies of the industry discuss experts such as Thorsten Klages, Director of new media at Universal Music, and Sebastian Andrej Schweizer, head of the label Chimperator productions, whose Kunstler CRO via YouTube and Facebook became known. The music itself no longer provides the inspiration, but must be communicated today inspired.

This led to communication breaks, massive changes and restructuring in the music business”, says post-digital editor Michael Sodar. The new issue of the magazine presents Aperto Plenary session at the get-together of the Berlin creative networks all You can Meet on September 7, 2012 at the Berlin Club Prince Charles: the initiative is Centre, media.net Berlin Brandenburg, Clubcommission, to a meeting of members of the Berlin Music Commission, create Berlin, IDZ international design marketing Club. The opening of the Berlin Club night takes place at the end of the event. In addition, the magazine on selected events of the business word on sound of the Berlin Conference is to have music week. Order the latest edition of post digital through the Agency of Aperto is plenary or in the Internet at.

About Aperto plenary: Aperto House designed and manages integrated, cross-media campaigns focusing on digital. According to the principle of the Campaignings, the Agency combines digital and analogue for effective, dialogue-oriented business, politics and brand communication. The experts at Aperto plenary realize complex communication services and advise customers in business, science, politics, culture and media. The Agency benefits in their work from the experience of the Agency Group Aperto in the field of digital and mobile business. Since summer 2012 Aperto publishes House magazine for analog and digital communication post digital (www.postdigital-magazin.de).

Humorous Danish Tinkering In Germany

“Germany’s own paralysis diagnosis of Danes”. Troels R. Klausen holding up the mirror to the Germans, the first pretty is “hard stuff”. What actually thinks this Dane? But slowly it dawns: he likes us and only therefore he criticized us. Click Physics professor to learn more. And a closer look, then he’s not so wrong. Easy-going and humorous way he accepts federalism and Club Meierei, reform jam and disenchantment with politics, bureaucracy and Government thinking on the grain. He thereby yield often amazing and revealing contexts. What Germans came to the idea to compare Klinsmann against Martin Luther? And in order to attenuate the critics of this book right: Troels Ravn Klausen is also in his country of not all super: quote: “I’m not so naive and blind, I see everything rosy in Denmark, by far not…” But in this book we are”off”.

Klausen is much travelled in Germany and has observed much. Very well observed even. He reveals our weaknesses and shortcomings on, never angry, often with a humorous undertone. We knew so long that our country regarding the superlative, can’t be topped with its own bureaucracy. If you want to read once “essential” rules, then access to this book, page 54 / 55 ;-). Sometimes was not only smiled but laughed right to pessimism in the land of poets and thinkers he sees no reason and confronted us immediately so that there isn’t even a word for “Fear of the future” in his homeland.

A short reading pleasure for all who are willing even to look beyond one’s own nose. Pro book gets 20 cents”the German children’s cancer aid. Reader voices (more on): Renate: Troels R. Klausen has written a super successful book. He speaks to me from the soul. Highly recommended. Hope that it will be a bestseller. Marta: This book by Troels R. Klausen belongs to those who you want to totally buy and distribute free of charge anywhere in Germany / would have to!A Wake-up call – a Joie de vivre radiant young man in HSV gap humorvoll-liebenswurdig-the title page! A Dane? Yes but what for one. Please be sure to read! Thomas: Hello of Troels, thank you for this great book. I laughed at many places in tears, some passages made me but quite thoughtful. You are holding us Germans quite the mirror above. However, you hit the nail it on the head. The looseness and ease the Danes we Germans can cut off a thick slice us. I look forward to your book to the EM 2008! Hilsen fra Bremen Bernd: hej Troels! Thank you for this wonderful, witty and refreshing to think book. Hopefully it will find many readers in Germany. I’ll advertise on each case. I am an absolute fan of Denmark. I love the sea, to you everyone has free access and the Danes who go through life so wonderfully loose. Troels R.

Daniel Rops

Its first poetry denotes, therefore, the crisis of the adolescence that if it relates to the stage of transistion of the disappearance of the pure and innocent world of infancy with the rough universe, bad, insensitive and impolite of the adult life. To this respect, Francisco Pablo Mendes comments that (2001: 196): It is the drama spiritual of delicate and demasiadamente sensible adolescents e, for certain, nothing more than what the drama of the pureness of the man, drama that in its paroxysm can generate, as in the case of Rimbaud, according to Daniel Rops, the desperation and the revolt. However, differently of the majority of the other adolescents, express Faustino to feel that still it possesss certain pureness, denoting a benign side of all this situation. The responsible one for allowing to the auto-discovery of its personality, making possible the rise of its soul and the permanence is exactly this pureness and exteriorizao (by means of the poetry) of its more chaste and sublime feelings. Exactly with the disillusionments, Faustino obtained to reserve in its mago its beauty, pureness and delicacy. Below some marks that suggest the consideraes of this its drama spiritual of the transistion adult infancy-life, of its auto-discovery and the presence of the pureness and of raised feelings more in its soul, in its meet mago. ).

saddest of the men/even so never he has been the prodigal/I am only one poor child/for the first time ahead of proper itself/and that it has fear? of the poem Self-portrait, 25/02/1948; b). I hear yours I sing poor person decayed angel/but I am imprisoned and it contemplates me to the vulture? of the Ode poem, 07/03/1948; c). The beauty is only impious the divine ticket/and fugaz? of the poem 1 reason of the rose, 02/04/1948; d). Lode so that the poem was born as its sensible petals: /untouchable and humid of the dew? of the poem 2 reason of the rose, 02/04/1948; e).

Collective Memory

… The Old Hope, that at the time not yet was so old thus, cried out, it begged, makes some thing master! The animals are to suffer, and remember my father to set the caadeira, while dragged it me for the room so that she did not attend that. … Still today I cry the death of my dogs. Nor it had to say this, I do not know you will understand if me, but I cry more for my dogs of what for my poor father. The description of the memory sends the souvenirs to it detected for the capacity of an individual memory that survives of the collective memory.

When Flix tells an event occurred in infancy, it backwards a tona other personages who had been part of this tram, proving, in such a way that the individual memory survives of the collective memory. This, in turn, backwards a tona a representation of the present absentee in the gift. Iser (1996, P. 17) affirms that the elements gifts in the text are strengthened for that if they had absented. Thus the chosen element reaches a perspectivstica position, that makes possible an evaluation of what it is present in the text for what of it if it absents. … And thus the present world in the text is pointed for what it is absented and what is absented can be designated by this presence. Still Iser (1996, P.

13): … the double relation of the fiction with the reality would have to be substituted by a relation trplice. As the ficcional text contains elements of the Real without if it depletes in the description of this Real, then its fictitious component does not have the character of a purpose in same itself, but he is, while pretending, the preparation of an imaginary one. The author par excellence strengthens the idea of the presence of something absent, of that already he happened, evidencing that literature portraies the world in a perspectivstica position, representacional, demonstrating, in such a way, that the Real if makes gift in the ficcional, and that the imagination is the point of divergence between both.