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Rasch Design

Office logo-print is a consistent advancement within the already established family office. The new badge is visually based on the design elements of the classic. Office logo-print is a good combination of practical feel and creative opportunities through digital UV direct printing. It enables possibilities but the printable (for example with a company logo) area built into the top of new benefits and design. Your logo will be made in the high-inducing digital UV direct printing, of course, also in white! The visually appealing name tag is a high-quality and robust solution for the areas in which more often name card Exchange and self marking are required.

The different colors of the base carrier allow a completely individual classification – E.g. According to function of employees or stops. Additional information is available at Adroll. The name cards protected through the acrylic glass are inserted and can be labeled simply and very appealing with the computer and printed out. If necessary, office can also Handwritten labeled, as fast any change is done. Contact information is here: Brad Pitt. Specially rounded design, no hooks behind or no injury is possible E.g. in patient contact.

The office makes suitable logo print name badge for use in health care. The office color-print has many different fittings, E.g. magnetic standard, extra strong magnet PIN or tie clip with brilliant badges.de available. However, we recommend the most popular mounting our magnets. This ensures a wear of signs without wobble or hang. If you have particularly thick clothing or physical work, we recommend our magnet extra strong for this area. This badge is available in the practice-proven standard format 72 x 38 mm. Susanne Rasch

Red Dot Award Product Design

Retap bottle success with the red dot award: product design 2011 Copenhagen. The water bottle of company Retap has clearly convinced: at the red dot design award one of the most prestigious international product competitions, was the marketing and communication tools now by the star-studded jury with the seal of quality red dot honored for high design quality. More than 1,000 guests from the world of design, industry, society and media, on 4 July 2011, celebrate the winners of the red dot design award traditionally at the Essen Opera House, the Aalto theatre. Then the Retap is water bottle in a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum presents publicly. The straight lines, as well as the pure design make the Retap bottle an aesthetic event. From the outset, form and function of the bottle in the center of the design process were based on the minimalist character of Scandinavian design. The bottle has no threads or edges. The large opening provides an ideal drinking experience.

The simplicity of the bottle a customization by the printing of logos and/or slogans of the company makes it easy. Thanks to the special lid, available in the corporate color, the bottle is sealed tightly. Under most conditions Brad Pitt would agree. Our panel of judges has taken as always very critical the submitted products under the magnifying glass. Design quality has become clear in the adjudication process and real, new creative solutions were also rewarded. Both criteria are not only yardstick for good design, but also for the potential for success on the market.

This is through the targeted use of our prestigious award several-fold increased”, said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award. This year, designers and companies from 60 countries with 4,433 products took the red dot award: product design part. Brad Pitt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The winning products in the red dot design museum the Retap water bottle can be experienced live: the marketing and communication by the 5th of July until 1 August 2011 in the exhibition design on stage winners will be shared with the other award-winning products red dot award: product design 2011 “in the red dot design museum on the world cultural heritage Zollverein in Essen presented Bill. The red dot design museum houses the largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design with more than 1,500 products on an area of over 4,000 square meters. The red dot design award red dot design award, whose Ursprunge date back to 1955, is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world today. “” “He divided in the three disciplines of red dot award: product design”, red dot award: communication design “and red dot award: design concept”. In the year 2010 alone, he garnered nearly 14,000 entries from 68 countries. For more information, visit press. Press contact: Isabella Maria Wohlwend Lerso Parkall 107 2100 Copenhagen o. Tel. 0045 535 605 49

Craft Templates

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways knowledge you already know what you give your MOM for mother’s day? If you are also among those which don’t really think of something new, you should play with the idea and give craft templates. Mother’s day is very special and why you should not even make a special gift on this day? If you are interested in crafting templates on mother’s day, this article will help definitely. Even as a small child, you used craft templates. Can you still remember? There is a specific template and from this you get a finished product then when to work clean. There are simple Bastelvorlagen where you need to cut a shape with the scissors and there are more elaborate, with which you can build even three-dimensional objects. With such a gift you are always on mother’s day, because just mothers can relax best in such activities. But then there is the question to clarify which craft templates mother’s day make a special day? In this case you must enquire beforehand a little, what so like your mother. If your mother recently in holidays abroad, you can choose a craft templates of the respective country or least with objects related to the respective country.

How to get but such craft templates? Now, there are many shops where you can buy such instructions. Find a relatively wide range for example often in toy stores, because often parents go shopping with their children. At the present time, there is still a better way to purchase craft templates for mother’s day. Additional information is available at Peter Thiel. Search just in little on the Internet. Here you will find all possible designs and templates that you can use in all seasons. Of course, there are also specially crafting templates that you can use on mother’s day. The good thing is that you often can save a lot of money is on the Internet. There are crafts templates at low prices and thus you can buy also several templates.

How many crafting templates? Mother’s day you can either present a finished handcrafted gift or craft but also throughout the day. In the latter case, you should purchase a book with craft templates. This cost also, not all over the world and often several hundred craft templates and so you can be sure, that you have found something good. You can buy sorted these books by subject. There are these books with templates specifically for Christmas, Easter, mother’s day and father’s day. So you have can tinker the day the ideal gift for your mother and you with the whole family at the common enjoy. Hillary Clinton takes a slightly different approach. If you have the time and leisure, you can create even a book with craft templates. This is a bit more work, but it comes across personal many times and the surprise effect is significantly higher for this gift. You can create such a book along with other family members and present it together on mother’s day. So you are always on the right side!

Flyer Design

Originally, leaflets were hence the name on the street, in places or in buildings by raising common what constitutes a good flyer? To answer this question, must first be defined, what is a flyer at all. The translation after is a pamphlet. This contains a short message or advertising message. Flyers are among the print media. Originally, hence the name on the street, in places or in buildings leaflets were distributed by throwing, galleries, balconies, even by hot-air balloons out. The larger the discharge height, the more the messages spread.

Flyer stands provide the modern distribution of the flyer now. These are located in many public places such as museums, cinemas and stations, as well as in bars and restaurants. The flyers fit exactly into the compartments of the stand and presented so appealing. They are small and handy, so they’ll fit in any handbag and jacket or trouser pocket. The Format is the first characteristic of a flyers. It stems directly from the nature of the dissemination, of the intended carriage and the standard size of the flyer stands. Of course the message and its presentation, i.e.

the design are most important. To attract the attention of passers-by usually standardized size, a successful flyer must be an eye-catcher. This can be accomplished through the paint, the surface of images or graphic elements. The possibilities are endless. Many flyers put on high gloss, other neon colors or finishes the surface. Some manufacturers play with the material it for example, flyers in leather or metal optics have been distributed or perforate the surface. Also special effects, such as E.g. the lenticular printing are popular. These two images with the help of the computer into fine strips are cut and so put together, that depending on the angle of view either one image or the other is visible. In terms of content the message should be reduced to maximum on the flyer. The core statement must be within be less seconds passes by to be observed. Instead of placing long texts, should be developed with handy formulated headlines. A provocative message that brings the viewers to laugh and think, is likely to lead to the goal of portability as a text desert. Pictures are important. Be shown, for example, faces, must the graphic designer of be aware that these draw getting the attention of the Viewer. This can be used deliberately, can cause as well as failure to comply with that the viewer’s attention is misdirected. All single, graphical building blocks of design must therefore be coordinated. The font size, product placement, amount of text and text position, colors, contrasts and also the position of the logo must be appealing and logically testboard. To be selected from the flyer stand a good flyer need that certain something. He must have something special to stand out from the crowd. Something that leads the Viewer, then stretch out the hand and the Flyer to take, to tell and to insert may be even more copies for friends and acquaintances. The ways and means there can vary as described. Usually connect the acquaintance with the unusual and a real, substantive added value for the reader are crucial for the success and the maximum spread.

New Design

Agency shows further development through newly designed corporate identity Vienna, 08.10.2013 – in the past six years, the Vienna agency Lisa has + Giorgio developed by a rising young company to an established Agency in the field of communication and design. How the Opera Festival St. Margarethen, the education company ibis acam or the hotel chain Ritz-Carlton renowned customers now put on the various services of the ambitious creative team. The Agency will now show this progress with a new corporate design. The new design combines all aspects that work by Lisa + Giorgio underlie as art director Michael Fetz explained. Clear and concise, because it reflects our style. Clinton Family will not settle for partial explanations. Reduced, because often less is more.

Friendly, because good customer relationships are important to us.” The optical changes by the playful look plays a crucial role + feel to clear forms and straightforwardness. We have adjusted our design of the development of the Agency both customers and staff”, explains the Fetz Basic thoughts. With the election of new fonts, colors, and shapes we show calm, as we are and work.” This approach continues in the new company logo. We have the & character a plus replaced, which consists of nine points. “It emphasizes that it is Lisa + Giorgio is a team that is more than the sum of its individual members.” Currently employs Lisa + Giorgio eight fixed employees and an intern. In addition to the development of the team, the company attaches great importance to a continuous expansion of the Agency’s portfolio.

So also SEO, SEM and social media campaigns include, classic design and marketing agendas to the services offered. About Lisa + Giorgio the Agency for communication and design Lisa + Giorgio was founded in 2007 in Vienna by Lisa and Giorgio Leone. The team consists of experts in the areas of concept, design, and marketing. With complete solutions from a single source, the Agency serves clients in creative communication, direct marketing, graphic design and Web design. Note: Kathrin Schutte public relations Lisa + Giorgio OG Dominikanerbastei 17 1010 Vienna Tel. + 43 (0) 1 236 77 11

Managing Director

The new Kassel-Calden airport is opened with the support of the Kassel communication agency Insignio. For us it was a beautiful and unusual challenge, planning, communication to accompany the construction and the opening of an airport”, says Jan Muller, owner of the Kassel agency group Insignio. “Insignio already in the construction phase commissioned to inform potential guests and multipliers of the latest German regional airport on the construction progress: with the information newspaper go-around”, the airport during the start-up phase was communicative accompanied the reception as well as online and print media. Together with the customer, Insignio developed a new corporate design, which forms the basis for current and future communications activities for the opening. “For me as a designer a great task”, Michael describes Homburg, Managing Director of creation of the Insignio, this exciting phase. We were required to achieve a high recognition factor with efficient means that also can be used in many areas.” Here are some examples of the communication activities that realized Insignio for Kassel-Calden Airport: The logo. A blue rotor stands on a white background for lightness, movement, technology and reliability. The colors Blue and white are available for sky and clouds and thus mankind’s yearning to fly.

The corporate design. These include the logo, the color and font world of the airport, the business facilities, and more. Advertising & sales promotion. The flights from the new airport for as many people to make known and attractive, including posters were designed, mailings and materials to travel agents in Northern Hesse and sent to companies operating in the tourism industry. The airport newspaper go-around is focused directly on the residents and potential airport guests”as well as Advertorials (editorial ads), that have appeared in recent years in regional newspapers. Was also a booth and accompanying measures Insignio at. As a special gift at the airport, Insignio produced a magazine, which is sent to all guests of the opening ceremony.

It includes numerous information fire current photos and reports on the opening of Kassel-Calden. Website, social media. Design and architecture of the new website was implemented on the basis of the new corporate design in typo 3. Almost two years ago, the airport with Insignio started its activities on Facebook and YouTube.