State Model

This multimiditico model (virtual) results of the trend integrator of ways and objective it them companies to be gifts in all the markets of the communication. The radio starts to offer services that join to the sound, written and visual elements and if together to others it measured to be present and to answer to the requests of the consumer multimedia. To know more about this subject visit Peter Thiel. With the advent of the Internet, all the medias, between them the radio, are extended to converge it to the computer. The ciberntico space has reached also the consuming market stimulating this virtualizao of the medias as a whole. The radiofnica programming more follows with the Internet each segmented time.

The thematic model specializes each sender in monothematic and specific contents for determined public. However, the radio still saw Internet makes possible a democratization of the proper programming, therefore this it not only passes to be produced in the space of the producer, therefore any one can open a webrdio. Still it is argued very on the proper concept of radio in the Internet. However, what if it can affirm is that this new reality technological it favors resources until then not used in the radiofnica language. One is not only about a radio where they predominate exclusively the orality, but of a radio with text and video, running away from the traditional model, bringing up to date a format with about eight decades existence and supplying to the user, who is also the listener, an ample set of potentialities and possibilities. One of these possibilities that the radio saw Internet provided was what it could be called a decentralization process, the measure that any person can create its proper sender. Another factor that facilitates this bigger interatividade, inherent characteristic of the Internet, is the fact not to have necessity of concessions of the State for opening of webrdio senders.