Drainage holes in ploshek close shards at the bottom put the pieces of charcoal and broken crocks, top to fall asleep prepared, carefully crushed and sieved soil. The surface of the earth is spread, the seeds are laid at a distance a few millimeters from one another and gently press down matchbox To wash off the land not covered with seeds, seedlings from the bowls are not watered, and sprayed from an atomizer or moisten with pan. Land of the seedlings should always be moist. Parched seedlings die easily. The seeds of most species of cacti germinate within 10 days. Seeds epifillyum and prickly pear – in 3-6 weeks. The first shoots are always very pleased – the tiny, the size of pinhead seedlings, and on top of already protruding barb – "know us". When the seedlings grow and they become close, hold pick.

This is done as follows: in one hand you're holding a pencil and a sharp end raises the ground around the plant, in the other hand you have a small wooden fork, using it picks up the seedling. The new bowl with a pencil recess, such that the seedling roots fit and carry kaktusenok. The blunt end of a pencil lightly press down the steep land. The distance between the newly prick should be equal to their value. Densely planted, they grow more friendly.

Like water, cacti, a few words can not tell. Cacti itself must have flair, skill and observation take notice requirements of plants. It all depends on time of year, temperature, light box, age and type of plant. Young plants the need for substantially more moisture than the old. With the warm weather as the earth in the pot is dry, watering is needed. In the cold rain water generally is not necessary, because the air itself is enough moist. In winter, if the plant kept in the cold, it should be watered only equal to two to three weeks, gently moisten the ground. Take care to prevent water from falling on the plant. In spring and summer should be particularly ensure that the moist was not only the top layer of the earth, but the whole earth com. It is better not to water from above as well. to put the pots in a basin of water, plunging them into three-quarters of the pot. The water is quickly absorbed through the bottom drainage hole. Of all Plant only mushrooms have more than a cactus, the suction power. When on the ground will be wet spot, pots with plants out of the water and put in place, always the same side toward the sun, which they were before. If you're still watering cacti in the usual way, take a watering can with a narrow long nose. Using it, you will not hurt the barrel cactus, and pour just the land around the plant. Cacti made in the summer greenhouse frame, after a hot day can be watered-watering "rain." This creates the desired watering cactus this time of year the moist air. The most suitable water for irrigation – rain, snow, pond, river, if it is not contaminated waste factories. If you must use tap water, then to neutralize the excess of lime contained in it, a bucket of water put a handful of peat and allowed to stand day water temperature should be slightly above room temperature. In no case the water should not stagnate in the pan.