To speak goes up the only system of health, ours known SUS, is before more nothing a pleasure. To be able to enfronhar itself in the viscera of the most democratic and generous system of health of the world must be an honor, over all to the light of the participativa optics that it only provides. To debate deep its positive and negative points, literally putting the finger in the wound, of spontaneous free form, considering opinions of users of all the levels, of rendering managers/of a diversity of services, of workers of sets of ten of segments, definitively is alone for the SUS. The SUS is only capable to hug diverse professional categories giving chances to them to redesign its proper profiles making possible that all indistinctly, can contribute inside with sociedada Brazilian of its abilities and characteristics (Medicine Is the case for example of my profession – Veterinary medicine). This valley also for the managers/rendering, and also using.

It occurs that of so democratic, the system finishes suffering (and definitively I believe that it must thus be) total influences of the social pressures and politics – that they are the direct representation of this society in way that for times finishes being transparent only mazelas it system; Exactly because according to involved actors are what he must be moved. for frustante than this can seem must be respected, is the free will of our society speaking high more, is the shout of the democracy in its fullness, is the maximum rule of the SUS. Despite soon there, it is arrived conclusion that the way was missed, this must be respected, after all of accounts who is capable to say what it is good for a community seno same. I confess that as a full legalist, with strong military formation, but a democrat above all for times I catch myself in conflict with me exactly, in the day the day of my professional performance trying to understand until where I must go and until where I must yield the social pressures politician/; definitively it is a completely desgastante exercise, over all when we have technician-scientific-legal parameters that they enbasam determined actions that generate enormous impacts in the community, despite the objective is to improve the life of the people, to prevent illnesses at last. This is sufficiently deep an ethical conflict, as well as is to live deeply that fruit of this torn democracy the SUS finishes for displaying its bigger arguras, fruit of disputes of groups, without the mutual interest to the system as it would have to be. He is hard to be able to certify to each day that the segments that would have to lead the ways of the system, in the truth are not none little worried about the collective in fact and yes in its individual problems and of group, with mundinho of its individual performance, as if this did not affect all; Creating true parasitism to the system. In this manner buscaresmos by means of this tool to show and to debate of clear form some points that we live deeply day the day in it greets Brazilian and that in fact they finish for if becoming the true impediments the good attendance the population and that they finish for hindering that in fact the SUS if becomes, beyond the more democratic greater and, in optimum and more efficient system of public health of world.