The taste for reading can start asking ourselves because the television and digital consumer media are part of our life? Good answer to this question is not as easy as it seems at first glance. But if we assume for a moment that from time immemorial man has wanted to devote most of their efforts to the comfortable and pleasant things. Because imagine evolutionary theory or the theory of creation, we would say that both the one and the other. Were not beautiful limousines across the city, people believing be happy because listening to music on a MP4? people walking as eternal puppets as they carry a whole series of films in his hand, many young people seated against computers and many other things by the style. Not at that time things were achieved with greater effort, less comfort and less pleasure.! Or you say, do to case people if they were able to get their own existence some sort of pleasure if didn’t have a computer for? lover? Or a Mp4? by inseparable friend? Perhaps. In any case the man was closer to nature and with she spent beautiful moments. It was one with the cosmos. Or do those moments were not so beautiful as we have been saying and if often terrifying? Since that wasn’t beautiful she experienced person who at some point of their existence was part of the Seine or a wild or poisonous animal bites.

In any case was not the man forced to live with nature. Listen to music directly descended from forests or their lungs. Use your imagination beyond the everyday and common, rather than let the computer to imagine by the. The man who now thought the man thought. Man made in the image and likeness of the needs of those living in the consumption and which eventually sold his soul to the devil no matter the sacrifice of human beings, the destruction of his imagination. And more serious of the matter is that we have lost the sense of wonder. As well as the heavens bring their sprayed and the Earth made fertile time. Digital consumer media have made us beings unknown amongst ourselves.

Laughable entities that we do not find more road than the convenience. If the epidemics have caused great havoc among living beings, digital consumer media have not been left behind. Because they have killed most of our children. The child is not already playing to create fantastic stories, your imagination is no longer an infinite insatiable and eternal cosmos as it should be. in his being natural and mood. But that now the child creates their own fantastic stories in front of a computer screen. Their imaginations are billions of images issued by a monitor, while its being natural and primitive, sinks into the deep lagoon of civilization so acclaimed by the men. Teach again to read to our children and give them to drink of that most precious and sacred nectar from reading, is tear them from the hand of death. It is to give them a second chance to dream, to live, to be free, to fantasizing, to make themselves and other not be alien to its own existence. That you feel like by reading, who feel joy, which feel pleasure, but before all things that feel comfort. End note: this letter has no value because it brings with it a bibliography I can say that the digital consumer media already were part of your life.