In each one of the fields of activity of the Odontologia, since the general clinic to the verbal whitewashing, tasks of distinct levels of complexity can be identified. In the attainment of the quality aesthetic-functionary in Odontologia the qualitative advances of the odontolgicos substances are distinguished quepodem successfully to mimetizar the structures dental and made compatible to the biomateriais to promote health through the integration of the specialties, calling itself it this: Verbal whitewashing. In the areas of the Dentstica, Prtese, Periodontia, Implantodontia, Cirurgia and Endodontia are used disgnostic methodologies, being distinguished in this chapter the Radiology, called from now of Radiology Odontolgica and Imaginologia, due to use of some examinations for image. Many times the Imaginologia leaves of being considered a tool auxiliary in the diagnosis and starts to be decisive in the norteamento of clinical decisions, as we will be able to follow in this text. The widely used materials for the attainment of aesthetic dental they are those calling of temporary, as resins.

Beyond dosmateriais called provisory, as cements. When of the intra-verbal clinical examination, in many cases, integrity of the material is not possible to verify it and possible alterations of the complex to amelo-dentino-pulpar, destarte we will use the radiogrficas techniques: periapical of parallelism and interproximas, also known as technique bitewing (GOWDAe cols., 2009). Startapp has much to offer in this field. As more in the market does not meet the film bitewing, in this technique uses the periapical radiogrfico film (COAST, COAST and VAROLI, 2008). The choice of the best technique, the calibration of the equipment, the correct processing of the film will allow the Surgeon-dentist to analyze criteriosamente the image and to compare the changeable optic densities between the odontolgico material and the dental structures (COAST, COAST and VAROLI, 2008). The 0 variable are many that induce the professional to the interpretativos errors and of propedutica behavior. To if thinking about the densities radiogrficas (radiopacidades and radioluscencias) different between all the restoring odontolgicos materials are correct if to affirm that a distinguiz difficulty exists them, therefore the somatrias of the cited 0 variable and the visual acuidade finishes becoming the subjective imaginolgico diagnosis (BORTOLUZZI and cols., 2009).