Perforated Metal Sheet

Progressive method of production method of punching holes – logging, much cheaper cost than the same drilling holes in some cases almost tripled. About this method will be discussed in this state.Voobschem perforation. -General description of metal sheets can punch from a thickness of 0.4 mm. Maximum thickness for punching: structural steel up to 12 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm. When we use all sorts of metal – steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, as well as other materials, such as: plastic, cardboard and so on. Ongoing coverage of the surface – galvanizing, a protective coating that gives the product a beautiful and aesthetic, if necessary, to carry out welding, bending, etc.

With high machine tool can cut down the complex contours, holes of different shapes and sizes, it allows the use of perforated sheets as element of interior design, stairs, facades. The number of variants of holes could be called endless – more than 1000 species of perforations with a variety of holes – round, square, slotted, triernye, decorative, etc. Production of stamps at the factory in accordance with the parameters of the order. At the main warehouse of the enterprise always has perforated sheets with standard sizes 1000h2000 mm, and some positions envelope 1250h2500 mm 1500h3000 mm. -Method of manufacturing the steel sheet, a standard or specially cut to size using a press knocked holes. The most common format – 1000h2000 mm, maximum size – 1500h3000 mm depending on the applied tool.

Larger orders may for some types of perforations to produce the product rolls out wide 1000.1250 and 1500 mm. Depending on the type of perforation holes are knocked out one punch-functional, while the sheets more thickness or with special perforations, the dual punch or the entire width of the sheet. There are several types of high pressure presses, with which it is possible to perforation for structural steel to a thickness sheet of 12 mm, and for stainless steel to a thickness of 8 mm. At thicknesses greater than 12 mm, the holes are usually burned or produced by drilling. -Material Material: punching any metals, with the agreement can be perforations and other non-brittle materials, for example – plastics, cardboard. Application: ventilation systems in acoustics (use for sound insulation, silencers, noise walls), filters, baskets, cover, covers (not just safety, but also as a decoration), the elements of architecture and design (casings, decorative ceilings, bars, reinforcement, liners, vent covers, decorative wall), screen (the area for Sorting in agriculture, technology for the sorting of materials), conveyor and conveyor belts in severe operating conditions, cable trays for electrical wiring, furnace trays for bakeries and confectionery, metal seat made of perforated sheet for stadiums and sports facilities, profiles for facades of buildings and radiators, and many other pieces of perforated sheet on the requirements of customer. Company PromMashResurs