If he has Venus in Capricorn: then his feelings are permanent and durable, although it is not often reported. This man is peculiar devotion to the patriarchal home and family. Frivolous hobby – not his style, for him there are only serious relationship. It is attracted psychologically mature women, responsible, practical, able to work and respecting traditional values. In ways, he is ready to be the very stone wall, behind which so dream be many of us women.

In another way, he can not. Venus in water sign if he has Venus in Cancer: then you might not immediately know about his feelings. Moreover, even after years of living together he is not inclined to advertise his passionate love for you. This man knows the price of genuine intimacy. After all, what happens between you two, belongs only to you.

His feelings are tender and multi-faceted. He appreciates women sensitive soul, emotion, maternal instinct. If he has Venus in Scorpio: then perhaps he would not be so easy to express my feelings to you and them from him, most likely, a lot. Even if it will be very jealous of you – you know about this last one. This position gives a strong sensuality and even a certain tendency to tension – they do not scare him. The woman of his dreams sexy and independent, she now and then throws him a challenge that he is ready to respond. If he has Venus in Pisces: then you have met the most gentle soul in the world.