Daniel Rops

Its first poetry denotes, therefore, the crisis of the adolescence that if it relates to the stage of transistion of the disappearance of the pure and innocent world of infancy with the rough universe, bad, insensitive and impolite of the adult life. To this respect, Francisco Pablo Mendes comments that (2001: 196): It is the drama spiritual of delicate and demasiadamente sensible adolescents e, for certain, nothing more than what the drama of the pureness of the man, drama that in its paroxysm can generate, as in the case of Rimbaud, according to Daniel Rops, the desperation and the revolt. However, differently of the majority of the other adolescents, express Faustino to feel that still it possesss certain pureness, denoting a benign side of all this situation. The responsible one for allowing to the auto-discovery of its personality, making possible the rise of its soul and the permanence is exactly this pureness and exteriorizao (by means of the poetry) of its more chaste and sublime feelings. Exactly with the disillusionments, Faustino obtained to reserve in its mago its beauty, pureness and delicacy. Below some marks that suggest the consideraes of this its drama spiritual of the transistion adult infancy-life, of its auto-discovery and the presence of the pureness and of raised feelings more in its soul, in its meet mago. ).

saddest of the men/even so never he has been the prodigal/I am only one poor child/for the first time ahead of proper itself/and that it has fear? of the poem Self-portrait, 25/02/1948; b). I hear yours I sing poor person decayed angel/but I am imprisoned and it contemplates me to the vulture? of the Ode poem, 07/03/1948; c). The beauty is only impious the divine ticket/and fugaz? of the poem 1 reason of the rose, 02/04/1948; d). Lode so that the poem was born as its sensible petals: /untouchable and humid of the dew? of the poem 2 reason of the rose, 02/04/1948; e).


Board should be laid on top rack and fasten it to them and to the wall (if the board goes along the wall) – is to the top of the frame. We cover the resulting skeleton leaves are thick plywood or particleboard. The entire perimeter fasten leaf to the frame with screws. We recommend choosing a waterproof plywood FK brand or PSF (high water resistance) thickness of not less than 15 mm and water resistant chipboard 2,5 cm Mark the hole for a bath and cut out of it (Fig. 10.6).

For marking the hole is convenient to use a long, straight and flat bar and patterns. Often, manufacturers are making bathrooms special template, mark the hole on which it is not difficult. To cut a hole, use an electric jigsaw or handsaw narrow. It remains to add that for the manufacture of the frame, we recommend use boards 5×10 cm (specialists call them "fifty"). As an attachment is best to use nails and screws with corrosion-resistant coating.

Remember that, by itself, acrylic bathtub has a relatively small weight, but weight-filled bathtub, taking into account your weight, can reach several hundred pounds. Therefore, the frame should have high strength, and for its production, we recommend using only quality materials. When the frame is built, you can install the tub. Correctly (and easier) to install a bath after that, as the surface of the frame covered with tiles. But sometimes it's impossible – for example, you have not picked up a tile appropriate color or pattern, and a bath is already on the aisle in the middle of the apartment and annoys everyone in the house.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

The Product

Today's consumer feels it intuitively, correlating with their own incomes fell sharply. Global food market responded to the crisis in a significant reduction in prices. For example, in Germany today, oil is sold at prices 60 years ago ("a price has been with us right after the war "), fell by a third the price of coffee and wine, much more accessible products are necessities. You can not say, unfortunately, the situation in the Ukrainian retail setting number 5 the least, "pretentious" Packaging: the simpler, more natural, and everything else – is to write off the cost of the product "branding" initiatives manufacturer for which the consumer does not pay now inclined How to determine the path to success? In these difficult conditions of each of the players trying to survive. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ruth Shin and gain more knowledge.. Consider the recommendations on crisis recovery that were previously published in & 1 / 2009, with respect to the producers and sellers of food. As shown, the criterion for survival is a continuous cash flow that the company can collect in the market for a period of weeks. A main tool to achieve this is to choose the most predictable and most marginal products for sale.

How to choose the right product to sell? The answer – according to the matrix of product categories. Matrix product categorization margin product Predictability of product sales above 80% from 80% to 60% below 60% of Mid priority margin products sales. Must provide at least 60% of cash flow products for sale in the third turn.


The poet was born in a humble family of the suburb, other people’s of all the difficulties and perigos in its return. He was adopted to the two years of age, living with this new family until completing 18 years. Since its infancy, he liked to contemplate the nature, to write small poems and keeps them, as he was himself its small daily one. Shy, not possua friends in the school, much less in the quarter where it liveed, exactly thus, costumava to talk with people who crossed its way in beaches, the parks, squares, at last, where it was possible to contemplate the nature for some daily moments. To the 15 years, it discovered its first passion. One was about a girl who studied in the same school and that to the times she liked to talk with it. Adroll pursues this goal as well.

Extrovert, very did not bind for the shyness of the poet or its same silence in classroom. Whenever they could they met in the square in front of school and passed hours talking on any subject of its interest. the poet dreamed in its cocoon, of one day to be able to namorar that pretty girl, colored person of the clear eyes and long hair, inspired source of many poetries its. However, its shyness confused to it. Two years of friendship and love not corresponded had been transferred, when its twin soul if moved with its father for a distant quarter, being obliged to be transferred of school. For the poet, this event was the moment most painful of its life until that moment. A anguish took account of its heart for the first time in the life, the life seemed to lose its direction and its performance in the school started to fall down disastrously from a high place of a sufficiently preoccupying form. Months had been transferred to heal the wound caused for the absence of its first love.

Quanta Time

It knows the places and the respective given services; when it enters in the ice cream parlor already has previously defined the type of ice cream and the flavors to be placed in the packing for vov. the covering it always varies, pointing several and deciding themselves for all. She knows the father where works and almost always she wants to pass there for seeing to compliment it. If they ask to it where it is going, a clear reply and it needs: ‘ ‘ sse vov’ ‘. In these occasions it is not of much chats: she says tchau to all, she pulls the hand of vov and points the way to follow, after all, it knows already it very well. She is never worried about the canseira of the legs, therefore she knows that it is enough to stop in the front of vov and to raise the bracinhos to understand the necessity and to assume the obligation. She always demonstrates to be tired in the ascent; but she goes down of the col of vov and leaves as soon as running she arrives at the square and she sights the drill-drill of the Z. To the times she comes back toward house sleeping in my arms.

I contemplate it while it sleeps placidly: a flash of projected life of the Cosmos through pueris luminescences; soft fragrance of the eternity Quanta beauty and simplicity candy and meigo emanate of that one rostinho! quanta confidence it deposits in this vov! I remember myself of the time where she was its mother who I loaded in the col, with the same love, the same affection. It saw me, at that time, growing while he guided and he supported growth of it; being thankful Skies for having sent it and it for having come. Gifts thus, true celestial gifts, are very expensive. They are jewels of inestimable value offered to the existence human being stops showing in them that the beauty of the conception of the life could perfectly always be admired in the semblante of a child who sleeps.

Window Classroom

Aherana allows to create a new type of object – a new classroom – to apartir of another one already existing. The new classroom keeps osatributos and the functionality of the classroom of which drift; therefore, we say that it ' ' herda' ' the characteristics of that classroom. To mesmotempo, it can receive attributes and functions special not encontradosna original classroom. Coming back to the example of the one window programWindows, this type of object could call Window. When creating umtipo of object to function as box of special comatributos dialogue is a window, as the exhibition of buttons and options.

Onovo type could call JanelDilogo and would inherit caractersticasda classroom Window, also receiving the exclusive attributes from one caixade dialogue. One of the advantages of the inheritance is the easiness of localizarerros of programming. For example, case an object derived from outroapresente an error of functioning; if the original object funcionavacorretamente, is clearly that the error is in the part of the code that implementaas new characteristics of the derived object. The inheritance allows, also, to reaproveitar the written code previously, adaptando it the novasnecessidades. This is very important because the costs dedesenvolvimento of software are many raising. Hand-of-obraaltamente specialized she is expensive; the process is delayed and subject unexpected aocorrncias. Polimorfismo Polimorfismorefere it the two more object or capacity to answer to the mesmamensagem, each one its proper way.

The use of the inheritance becomes-sefcil with the polimorfismo. Since that mtodocom is not necessary to write one different name to answer to each message, the code is maisfcil to understand. For example, without polimorfismo, to insert novoempregado, the following code would be necessary: Colaborador1.InsereColaborador Gerente1.InsereGerente Presidente1.InserePresidente In this in case that, Colaborador1, Gerente1 and Presidente1 they are objects dasrespectivamente of the classrooms Collaborating, Controlling and President. With opolimorfismo, tipode is not necessary to have a different method for each object.

Web Mining

We get information about if users find the information, if the site structure is too wide or too deep, if the elements are placed in the suitable places within the page, if the navigation is understood, are less visited sections and their relationship with the place they occupy in the central page. According to the aim to study, three types of reports can give: based on hyperlinks, classifies Web pages and generates the report. Revealing the structure of the Web document itself. Discovering the nature of the hierarchy or network of hyperlinks on the Web site from a particular domain. Details can be found by clicking Brad Pitt or emailing the administrator. It tends to result in graphical representations for a better view of the retrieved knowledge and they can be used as a guide for the user in search of information.

Web Mining of use using Web Mining is the application of techniques of data mining to discover patterns of conduct when using the web by users. This extraction refers to browsing patterns that we can discover in our users and we can serve to improve the same, for example, if 80% of our users rely on the search field when they come to our site is that we have to place emphasis on the improvement of that interface and engine that is back to return the desired information. This process is based on the use of logs of accesses to the web. In short, try to follow a series of guidelines on: access using customers when consulting a company web site users which question to an application that precedes a database of individuals who navigate to certain pages, from secondary data derived from interactions automatic users while they browse the web is can better meet the needs that are requested through W3 protocols-based applications.


The Nuremberg manufacturer S + S REGELTECHNIK published in its new product directory a comprehensive representation of his articles from the field of measurement and control technology. Nuremberg, the 29.03.2012: Presented at over 340 pages of Nuremberg manufacturer of measurement and control technology, S + S REGELTECHNIK, from immediately its current product range. All sensors, controls, switches and sensors with all their accessories and related housing families can be found in the new General catalogue 2012. This will appear this year in addition to the previous international versions in three new language versions. Interested can scroll through control technology as the online version of the catalog on the Web site of S + S, as pdf download or request printed. If temperature sensor, temperature transducer, humidity sensor and humidity transmitters, pressure transmitter, brightness sensors and air quality sensor from the House of S + S REGELTECHNIK searches, you will find it in the new catalogue of the Nuremberg manufacturer more than.

The comprehensive S + S product directory may on be browsed through the company Web site directly online or in the download section (link to downloads / de) be downloaded and saved as well. Dear in printed form in hand, who holds the catalog, can be requested at any time this form. The new catalog will be published in Polish and Italian from the German version and the currently available language versions in English, French, Dutch, Hungarian and Russian this year for the first time also in Turkish. Additional information at Source Financial supports this article. Over 340 pages the S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH presented their sensors, switches, sensors, and controls in the form of detailed: each product a description of the performance, all highlights and features of the product and technical data, drawings, pictures and a price table is mapped. Around the sensor and controller you are presented in detail appropriate housing families Frjia, Thor and Odin, as well as accessories.

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