New York Art

'Is there a bad arts? " – Once asked Andy Warhol. 'No, bad art does not happen,' – he said – 'All lovely. " This could begin with the standard phrases like "Andy Warhol – one of the most famous and controversial figures in the art of the second half of the twentieth century, however, seems to me to Warhol standard phrases do not apply, as the statement that he was a controversial figure. On the contrary, Andy Warhol as Representative current pop art with their lives and creates art in her art reflects life, it is logical to proving the thesis of pop artists that art should be as close together with life. Life of Andy Warhol. Andrzej Warhol, but it was his real name, was born Aug.

6, 1928 in Forest City, Pennsylvania. His parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia, his father worked as a miner in a coal mine. The life of the young Andy knows very little. In 1949 , Warhol graduated in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology with a degree of artist-designer. After moving to New York, Andy changed his name to Warhol and began working as a graphic designer in the fashion stores Tiffany & Co "," Bonwit Teller "as well as in magazines Voug" and "Glemor.

By the mid-50's work in advertising has brought success, thanks to which became possible purchase of a house in midtown Manhattan. For more specific information, check out Adroll Marketing Platform. Nevertheless, satisfaction Warhol not experienced, and he began to draw. In 1960 he painted a series of pictures based on comic book "Superman" and "Duck Tracy", but this is hardly can be called a success.