Modern Diagnosis

Relationship status of the human environment, in particular its chemical composition with measures of health and quality of life is well known. Nonetheless, in medicine, in contrast to biology, agriculture and other sciences, study and use of this knowledge remains limited and virtually untapped clinical disciplines. Therefore, truly one of the revolutionary to form a synthetic understanding of rights and, accordingly, the conditions of its vibrant communities in a rapidly evolving in the xx century, its habitat is the doctrine of microelementoz while under microelementoz person understand the state of deficiency, excess or imbalance of the chemical elements that naturally affect human health. Financial technology insists that this is the case. The study of macro-microelement portrait of an organism allows us to establish a predisposition to one or other pathologies, gather in our medical center regimen without additional diagnosis of the organism.

According to modern concepts, the elemental composition of hair best media reflects effects on man as elevated concentrations of complex chemical elements and providing physiological needs them, so the basis of the method was adopted by the analysis of human hair. The medical center you make an analysis to identify the deficiency or lack of micronutrients in the human body helps in the treatment of diseases such as: acne neurodermatitis psoriasis vitiligo dermatitis seborrhea allergy overweight osteoporosis, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, etc. Ultrasound – study of the state organs and tissues using ultrasound waves, is the most accurate method of diagnosis. Passing through the tissue, specifically through boundaries between different tissues, ultrasound is reflected. Special sensor captures these changes, which are the basis of the image. Ultrasound examination is one of the most common methods diagnosis. usi has received wide popularity due to its security. Our medical center uses the most advanced ultrasound equipment. Ultrasound is used in apparatus does not cause damage. There is several types of ultrasound, among which the most commonly used in urology scan (what are traditionally called the U.S.) and Doppler. The basis of Doppler put the Doppler effect, which implies change in the wavelength reflected from moving objects. This effect allows us to study blood flow and patency status of the blood vessels. How is the research? Usually carried out ultrasound examination of abdominal organs.

However, when a targeted search can be used and the study of only one sighting system. During the test, the patient lies on a couch. On the skin of the abdomen applied to a transparent gel, which does not cause any discomfort. After that, the doctor sensor is conducting a study. The use of gel necessary to create a close contact, as if between the sensor and skin surface air, the image is deteriorating. Ultrasound of the bladder, it requires filling. In this connection, some time prior to the study, the patient is asked to drink the water (this should be prepared as best juice to drink than tap water) and do not go to the toilet. During the filling of the bladder wall to straighten out and become available for study.