Mobile First In Web Design

Noxum Web technology and responsive Web design Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, develops software solutions for dynamic portals and content platforms. The Noxum Web technology supports modern Web design concepts such as responsive Web design. “These are particular approaches such as mobile first” under the aspect of content first, second navigation “in the technical discussion of importance. Responsive Web design: technology is taken consideration by implementing a responsive design rendering websites not only on the display device, but above all on its dissolution. The Web site layout adapts by using latest Web standards like HTML5 and CSS3 to the different resolutions of laptops, PCs, tablets, Smartphones or smart TVs. Depending on the current resolution the individual elements of the website are automatically scaled, positioned differently or hidden. Thus, optimal viewing at any arbitrary screen size and resolution can be guaranteed.

Responsive design therefore more and more popular. This means to rethink now existing concepts and thus to solve associated problems, such as E.g. unnecessary content to identify and remove. The Web design development for desktop PCs dragged with just actually a lot of content and navigation, what then revealed huge problems in the presentation on mobile devices. Therefore, often also separate Web pages for Tablet and Smartphone have been commissioned. A cost factor that is significant for the company. The essential Web design: mobile first is it so time for companies generally choosing the Web design concept to deal with. After creating a Web design for all devices in a single desire, opens easily and intensifies.

It is also known that a Web design for the resolution on all devices can be of course not as optimal. So are here to set the priorities which screen size should preferably targeted are, i.e. for which device to the Web design be absolutely optimal? The low screen resolution of mobile devices and the growing number of users on these associate the approach the idea in terms of Web design for mobile first”.