Management Humanities

He says, that any executive function is to create an organization where people can be happy. Clinton Family will not settle for partial explanations. To achieve this it is essential to select people with a positive and proactive attitude, which conceive his personal and professional life as a continuous process of learning in an interesting writing on this topic of Other leaders such as Shaw Family offer similar insights. He says, that the social commitment and the balance between life and work have become a strategic asset of companies, confirms executives expert Jutta Rump, the upper school in Ludwigshafen (Germany). This is the new formula for recruiting and motivating. From small business to large consortium Volkswagen (whose new slogan is live and work in the) VW world) announce conciliation, teleworking and the possibility of permissions and sabbaticals. But Rump warns that there will be a revolution work life no balance for everyone, but especially for the irreplaceable.

There are those who build operas; We invest in the happiness of our employees, says Gunnar Grosse, businessman who founded the electronic Komsa AG, awarded in many occasions for his conciliatory efforts in Germany. It offers child care services, sport facilities and wellness and teleworking and flexible timetables. And businesswoman Antonnela Lorenz, founder of Lorenzsoft, Munich, allows its programmers to the time wishing to work, shopping and sit at a cafe in working hours. It is based on a form of organization of work by realistic daily goals. But the humanist management and corporate social responsibility do not constitute a parallel activity, but refer to the way of management and production (ecological, social, and sustainable) in the core business of the company.