Learning Difficulties

Clarifica that the moral rules are unquestioned and need to be obeyed by all the learning, however, the conventional rules need to be debated, therefore it has moments, for example, that the dialogue between the pupils is a healthful form of communication and expression. With regard to the teaching performance inadequate, it can be affirmed that the necessary professor to have knowledge on the substance which gives e, mainly, to launch hand of efficient strategies to repass the pupil, in case that contrary, will have fatigue and disinterest for the subject. Being necessary to affirm that tdio it is not confused with indiscipline. Some contend that Movie Star shows great expertise in this. Vichessi (2009) presented a research carried through in 2007 with 500 professors of all the country and disclosed that 69% of them pointed the indiscipline and the attention lack enters the main problems of the classroom. It demonstrates, basically, two reasons so that such phenomenon occurs: ) the inadequao in the process of education and b) inadequate teaching performance. Already Tiba (1996, pg. 117 and 118) affirms that it has some factors that ' ' they can take a pupil if not hold of form adjusted in activities that need a functional integration with others pessoas.' ' Thus, the related author, elenca the main reasons for pertaining to school indiscipline: ) the characteristic staffs (psychiatric riots, neurological, of personality, neurotics, ' ' normticos' ' , of behavior that bothers little; mental deficiency and stages of the development, such as, pubertria confusion, pubertria onipotncia, long distance, menarca/mutation and youthful onipotncia and syndrome of fifth series), b) characteristic relationary (riots between the proper colleagues and distortions of auto-esteem) and c) riots and disobediences of professors. Considering the meaning of the normtico word that comes of normose, which if relates the definitive behaviors assented as normal, however in the reality are abnormal, as the revolt, that is an abnormal behavior, however in the phase of the adolescence it can be said that it is normal, since it is presented as resulted of some developments that the young is passing.