Laga Designs Handbags

Recently, while walking on the online stores, came across an interesting and cheap handbag firm Laga Designs. And because is the name I hear for the first time, I decided to find out what kind of company. I was very surprised to read that on their official website. All probably remember the horrible tsunami caused by an earthquake, which killed hundreds of thousands of lives, residents of the western coast of Sumatra in December 2004. Immediately after the accident a resident of California, Roy van , running a simple trader, was call from his church.

They wanted to know if they would like it to lead a group of people who go to Indonesia to fight the effects of the disaster. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts addresses the importance of the matter here. The more so because Roy has a lot to this country. His family emigrated from Indonesia when he was 9 years old. Roy's wife Louise also has Indonesian roots. This trip has completely changed the life of Roy. There he saw a terrifying nightmare: mutilated people, dead bodies, overcrowded hospitals and a huge number of homeless people whose homes were destroyed by the tsunami.

He could not stay away after the first visit to Indonesia has decided to go back there again. Desire to help the disadvantaged has led to the idea of creating handbags. Roy My wife and I opened a small workshop, employing Indonesian women. They sew bags with distinctively oriental. Roy gives them a decent salary, housing and meals. In his workshop atmosphere of peace and love. Roy helps to restore or build new homes for families who work for him. "When you order a bag Laga, you know that you are helping to make the future of survivors of the tsunami, brighter and more prosperous, and let it serves as a reminder that others can help. "Laga Handbags are made and embroidered entirely by hand and looks very nice and original. Each bag has a symbolic name like Love, Peace, Hope, Remember, Believe, Live. Apart from the usual everyday handbags, cosmetic bags and purses, they also produce luggage. And most importantly, are they mostly from 90 to 150 dollars. There are models cost below $ 90. The most expensive luggage bag worth $ 399.