Joachim Kampe

For outsiders, write, with the thing not dealt a but This is difficult. He has only two options, dormers and consequences, or questioning, properly deal with the history, even research. The bunker in JJ is neither a sensation represent something special compared with other bunker complexes in East and West. He offered his staging because as “unique”. Occasionally used is to read: that the bunker the bunker of the Federal Government in Ahrweiler is equal between the bunker and an extra communication cables was transferred the leadership position of the red banner fleet, the operator’s expert for bunkers, that maintaining the secure communication after a nuclear strike, which would have been manned the bunker in case of war with Soviet officers, that the bunker was a strategic Message Center, that the nuclear bunker meant military history special object 302 during the cold war era, it should withstand a nuclear strike as one of a few bunkers that the bunker 6 m, 9 m, 12 m elsewhere covers Earth is the access to the shelter of 125, 130, is also 180 m long, the crew consisted of 30, 42 and 50 people that the plant 1986 was completed, etc.The statements contained in the individual contributions are very contradictory individual right wrong, but its facilities make it interesting. The bunker is one of three types of buildings built in the GDR. Foursquare is often quoted on this topic. Across the surface of his bunker, a sand and gravel layer is located with a height of 1.05 m to the Center towards m 1.20 upwards, in a concrete Bell with a thickness of 0.60 m, covered with an Earth bulge of about 0.65 m.

To notice the relative remains vacant of the bunker on tropospheric – and general communications and the fact that the bunker not 1986, but not until 1988 was completed. A year earlier it was strategic tropospheric message system without the station langs village / JJ in operation. Therein it differs from the two other bunkers in Wollenberg and Rohrsdorf. He pales in the shadow of “shine” this their meaning from your strategic vision, was at the time much promoted. There were operational, financial, and economic reasons in East Germany and abroad that led to changes in the design of the system. After completion of the bunker of the “302”, he remained “almost” meaningless, taking into account its technical level of equipment in the system. When informed this is employable visitors, explained. Alone of the visitor remains the offered explanations to understand, to interpret them.

In addition, statements made by insiders in the Internet and in the literature available are him now. The reader may find the facts here presented, and examples as interesting, transfigured, false, speculative or spectacular. A visit to the bunker Langsdorf is recommended / JJ all times. At the same time, the visit to the bunker, Wollenberg is recommended. He was the only other place for the 302. Visitors will experience a remarkable tour here not only visually, but also military history. He found the bunker in the original state of 1990 Joachim Kampe