The object of my invention is to transmit and to receive messages, at a distance, by means of sounds and electronic waves, corresponding articulated words, without wire aid. In the drawings attached, each number always indicates the same part. A Fig. 1 is the diagram of the device, either for a transmissora station either for a receiving station. Fig. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as financial technology by clicking through. 2 are one cut of certain parts of the device. Fig. 3 is a front sight.

Fig. 4 is one cut of the device that if destines to strengthen the sonorous waves in the reception of the signals. Such device, in general way, consists of a set of elements capable to receive and to transmit sounds and words vocal, and includes a signalling system to attract the attention of the operator. This system of signalling here is indicated simply, to show its linking with the telephone. A partial pleading of priority regarding it was presented in 16 of January of 1902, under the n 89.976. Considering first the telephonic transmission and the reception and mentioning particularly Fig. 2, the base (1) serves of support to a cylinder (2), on which another cylinder (3), adjustable slides byally telescope by means of a winch (4), axle and a nut (5), that they allow to raise it to lower it the will on cylinder 3 is that the transmitter (c) is made use. A telescope (6), a compassing (7) and a level (8) are found mounted on this transmitter, similar of the same power to be pointed in the direction of any distant station.

A pipe (9) branches off in the inferior extremity in two extensions, provided with a nipple (9) and a phone (10); it is leagued the same to another pipe (12). Both these pipes are connected the isolated inferior extremity of a pipe (15). Pipe 12 possesss a valve that opens for top (14) and has, in its part lower, half to produce a draft, for force of a fan (11) locked up in chamber E.