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App network with four specialized app review sites after relaunch in the new look-and-feel to start the app network with its specialized content pages app, whats, (travel) and (news about apps) goes online early 2012 with a new design, a new network graphics and extended functionalities and content areas. The modern design of the page is clearly influenced by current app designs and images. Content of the app network with its leading side are current app recommendations of the editorial recommendations such as app of the month”, travel apps and current chart lists of apps that are currently particularly popular in various European countries. The app network is dedicated to an absolute mega-trend that began in 1997 with the launch of the iPhone and the AppStores von Apple content. The small programs, hot apps or ‘Applications’ (application / software) the especially Apple’s gadgets such as iPhone and iPad and Android smartphones to downright Fun equipment with lots of new functionalities will allow. The apps for different platforms such as Apple’s iOS operating system and Android are characterized by the fact that they specifically for the operating system and the respective device (E.g.

iPhone or iPad) have been developed via the app store installed can be and. The Internet offerings of the app network bundle various content offerings on Apple and Android apps that provide the best and to create the category app of the month most popular apps”and provide various links updated daily most popular apps in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. About the page, users directly on the currently most popular apps can access and often free download on your mobile device. The Appstore von Apple provided many according to Wikipedia in October 2011 over 500,000 apps to download it free. The AppStore from Android Android market called”reached not quite this large number, but also is growing extremely dynamic. M.