A common problem that happens to many people is that it is sometimes past midnight and they can not sleep well. They come to watch and are given account that still missing some hours so that the alarm sounds but can not sleep, no matter how many times they try. The problem is clear, people who can not get enough sleep have insomnia. Until some years ago, doctors used to think that insomnia was a symptom of other sleep problems, but recent studies suggest that insomnia is more than just a symptom, can indeed be a mess if same. More than 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia, which is the inability to sleep. For even more details, read what Ron Wood says on the issue.

A person who suffers from insomnia and has trouble sleeping is characterized by having a very poor sleep quality since it is difficult to initiate or maintain sleep for them and they wake up too early in the morning and they can’t sleep again. There are two types of insomnia: long and short term. Short-term insomnia is caused by an event of temporary stress or a change in a person’s life, This type of insomnia usually lasts no more than four weeks. On the other hand, the insomnia of long term or chronic, which lasts longer than the previous one, it can be caused by conditions of nature medical, psychological or physical as the cervical problem. In this case, it is necessary to see a specialist who can recommend the appropriate treatments and the best kind of help to sleep. Sometimes the inability to sleep is that we slept so comfortably, so a bed or regular pillow may not meet the requirements so we can rest without feeling any discomfort, this is why doctors recommend a treatment which consists of testing with special pillows as the pillow to sleep well. This is a pillow memory foam made of foam with memory with an ergonomic design of multi-positions and bridges to accommodate arm at rest allowing people to rest comfortably and is recommended for people who suffer from sleep disorders need treatment for insomnia or have problems falling asleep. Sleep pillow Either you will allow you to forget about insomnia and waking up rested, relaxed and ready to face a new day.