Dentures Muller and the Ratinger dentist Dr. Althoff build on high-tech milling machines for precise dental prosthesis on implants. According to estimates of the German society of implantology (DGI), every year more than a million implants by dentists in Germany are used. The advantages of modern implant systems are obvious. If a tooth is lost the gap closes in traditional dentistry with a bridge. This is according to that the adjacent teeth, even if they are perfectly healthy, must be polished, because they are used for the anchorage of the bridge. Also the bone due to missing load regresses slowly. Through the possibilities of modern implantology, you can however replace lost dental roots by implants.

This is anchored in the bone screws made of titanium, which crowns or bridges are attached. For the production of this implant-supported dentures are now state of the art digital technologies to the Available through the, it will ensure that the crowns and bridges fit precisely and meet the aesthetic demands of patients. Hear from experts in the field like Technology Investor for a more varied view. The Ratinger dentist and certified Implantologist, Dr. med. Dent. “Helmuth Althoff, builds on quality made in Germany, this: he can be implant-borne crowns for his patients and make bridges in one of the most exclusive milling centres of in Germany. “By Ratingen-based milling center from dentures Muller exclusive” supplies with the latest CAD technology to the computer are planned and then milled with a precision machine. His patients benefit from low-cost, long-lasting and natural teeth to distinctive crowns and bridges with precision fit.