Humorous Danish Tinkering In Germany

“Germany’s own paralysis diagnosis of Danes”. Troels R. Klausen holding up the mirror to the Germans, the first pretty is “hard stuff”. What actually thinks this Dane? But slowly it dawns: he likes us and only therefore he criticized us. Click Physics professor to learn more. And a closer look, then he’s not so wrong. Easy-going and humorous way he accepts federalism and Club Meierei, reform jam and disenchantment with politics, bureaucracy and Government thinking on the grain. He thereby yield often amazing and revealing contexts. What Germans came to the idea to compare Klinsmann against Martin Luther? And in order to attenuate the critics of this book right: Troels Ravn Klausen is also in his country of not all super: quote: “I’m not so naive and blind, I see everything rosy in Denmark, by far not…” But in this book we are”off”.

Klausen is much travelled in Germany and has observed much. Very well observed even. He reveals our weaknesses and shortcomings on, never angry, often with a humorous undertone. We knew so long that our country regarding the superlative, can’t be topped with its own bureaucracy. If you want to read once “essential” rules, then access to this book, page 54 / 55 ;-). Sometimes was not only smiled but laughed right to pessimism in the land of poets and thinkers he sees no reason and confronted us immediately so that there isn’t even a word for “Fear of the future” in his homeland.

A short reading pleasure for all who are willing even to look beyond one’s own nose. Pro book gets 20 cents”the German children’s cancer aid. Reader voices (more on): Renate: Troels R. Klausen has written a super successful book. He speaks to me from the soul. Highly recommended. Hope that it will be a bestseller. Marta: This book by Troels R. Klausen belongs to those who you want to totally buy and distribute free of charge anywhere in Germany / would have to!A Wake-up call – a Joie de vivre radiant young man in HSV gap humorvoll-liebenswurdig-the title page! A Dane? Yes but what for one. Please be sure to read! Thomas: Hello of Troels, thank you for this great book. I laughed at many places in tears, some passages made me but quite thoughtful. You are holding us Germans quite the mirror above. However, you hit the nail it on the head. The looseness and ease the Danes we Germans can cut off a thick slice us. I look forward to your book to the EM 2008! Hilsen fra Bremen Bernd: hej Troels! Thank you for this wonderful, witty and refreshing to think book. Hopefully it will find many readers in Germany. I’ll advertise on each case. I am an absolute fan of Denmark. I love the sea, to you everyone has free access and the Danes who go through life so wonderfully loose. Troels R.