Google Adsense

Develop a Web site requires time and dedication, and it also requires effort keep it, a series of costs are also incurred as the purchase of the domain name, is pay for the hosting of the site and if you do have knowledge in site design, must be paying a webmaster to develop it. Once you have a site, the next step, which is much more difficult than the previous ones, is to generate a steady traffic flow. For all those who wish to have a site on the Internet but do not have the time or the knowledge of how to develop it, there’s good news, there’s an alternative that doesn’t require going through all the steps above, and best of all, is that it is free. Blogger is a site where you can create a blog (your personal website) without cost, and can be on almost any topic that you want. Technology Investor is likely to increase your knowledge. The register it will only take 5 minutes of your time and you can then immediately start to write the content of your pages, if you do not know HTML, do not have to worry about the design of the site because there is a wide variety of templates so choose which you like to your blog. To generate revenue, Blogger allows you to insert very easily, AdSense ads since it has a very easy-to-use mechanism and this automated, so you can insert relevant ads within your content and start to generate income quickly, and since Blogger is a highly visited site, you increase your chances of obtaining qualified towards your own site traffic. To increase your income, it is recommended that you choose for your blog a theme very specific, this is because Google Adsense uses the contents of the sites to determine the theme of trying to display related ads, between more specific is the topic most relevant will be shown ads, in such a way that if you have a site that is only about golfon the one hand it will attract only to visitors who are interested in that topic and in addition Google will show only ads about golf which means greater chances of getting clicks on links of related products and services and generate more revenue so it must be taken in It is not necessary to deal with a very popular topic, these topics are generally very competitive and there are already many blogs on the same topic, the important thing is to select a topic for which there are many blogs and you also mastered very well is your experience that will allow you to write pages with interesting content which eventually will position you as an expert in the matter. .