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Rattan lounge furniture everywhere make a good figure. The rattan lounge furniture provider designwelt24 offers for the new season a wide range of lounge chairs and co. lounge furniture from rattan make everywhere a good figure. Hear from experts in the field like Brad Pitt for a more varied view. Rattan lounge furniture offers a large selection of lounge chairs and co. rattan furniture provider designwelt24 for the new season for garden and restaurants enjoy a consistently high popularity for some years. Particularly poly rattan lounge furniture are fully in line with the trend for 2011. No matter whether much or little space for Lounge Chair and lounge exists sofas – modular system of rattan lounge furniture by the rattan furniture can be combined freely according to gusto. Rattan lounge furniture available in many colors, sizes and equipment and find themselves in more and more German gardens and dining establishments.

For 2011, particularly rattan lounge furniture in favor of the customers are quite far forward. No wonder, because the timeless design of rattan stand lounge furniture for extra Luxury and elegant lounge make Chair every garden or operating the inviting seating area. Rattan lounge furniture like lounge chairs and lounge sofas are characterised by a large seat and are tables and chairs for domestic use in nothing. On the contrary, as stated designwelt24 Managing Director Bjorn Wobig: rattan lounge furniture are characterized by ease of maintenance and a high durability. Also sofas and lounge can be combined lounge free armchair by the modular system.

“These properties are customers with normal ‘ sets search in vain”. The rattan lounge furniture are suitable especially for catering establishments such as hotels and restaurants. When the + 10 degrees Celsius brand has been cracked in Germany this year for the first time, flocked to the people in the street cafes and took sofas Wicker place often on lounge chairs or lounge. Comfortable, removable cushions provide comfort and practicality at the same time. Rattan lounge furniture you can also quite easily clean with water and get elegant and exquisite design for good care for many years. For catering establishments rattan Lounge Chair and co. investment pays for itself so over the years. Customers sit comfortably and the furniture exude a unique ambience. Because the seating can be altered at will by the modular system of rattan lounge furniture and offer more variety to customers and companies. Freely combinable rattan lounge furniture are quickly paying off for private and commercial use. Easy to clean, durable and timeless in the design lounge poly rattan chair by enhance every garden and operation. Contact: Marysol garden furniture GmbH of Kopenicker str. 19-20 12524 Berlin contact: Bjorn Wobig phone: + 49 (0) 30 633 1135-0 E-Mail: Web: