Finnish Sports

Especially for sports hatchbacks, coupes and convertibles Michelin engineers have developed a Summer Pilot Exalto PE2 tires with asymmetric tread pattern that provides the best grip car is not only dry but also wet grip. The special technology of VCP (Variable Contact Patch) ensures an increased area of contact with the track when cornering. (Not to be confused with financial technology!). Optimal pressure distribution in the contact area promotes the best grip and precise control on the line and in cornering at high speeds. High-speed summer tire from Michelin Primacy HP combines elements of different stiffness: a deformable frame ensures maximum tire contact area, while at the expense of the rigid structure of the tread contact between the tire and the road becomes optimal. Primacy HP tires differ excellent handling on wet surfaces, high levels of comfort and good balance of all operational characteristics.

Another interesting tire from Michelin – Pilot Sport Cup +, designed for super sports car class. These tires are specially built for driving on a closed track, but also suitable for driving in a normal city roads. If you want to feel like a professional pilot and fully enjoy the sensation of speed, this superspeed rubber suit you best. Among the other representatives of high-speed summer tire for domestic market can provide tires Nokian Hakka Z. The Finnish company Nokian widely known Russian motorists, primarily as a manufacturer of high quality winter tires that can function effectively in the most difficult climatic conditions. However, Nokian has also produced and summer tires Hakka Z, designed for sports cars and fast driving. Nokian Hakka Z designed to operate in extreme temperatures and humidity in the complex climates with rainy summers and changeable weather conditions in hard asphalt and uneven road surfaces. Thus, they are ideally suited to Russian realities.

Tread Hakka Z consists of several layers: the bottom of the tread compound reduces rolling resistance and susceptibility to teplonagrevu bus, medium, consisting of a multilayered combination of rubber compounds – to quickly respond to maneuver in driving and promote stability in the most extreme driving conditions. Finally, the last bus in this review, for which we advise you to pay attention to fans of high-speed driving – ContiSportContact 3 tires from a company Continental. Asymmetrical ribbed tread ContiSportContact 3 is designed for high-end sports cars and provides enhanced grip for better handling at high speeds. Thin slats on the edges Tread distributed so that the tread elements support each other and evenly distributed power during braking. ContiSportContact 3 tires highlight driving performance sports cars, guaranteeing them maximum grip with the road surface. This is not an exhaustive list of high-quality tires that can be found on the Russian market. High-speed tires must not only ensure high handling and good traction with the road, but also provide an excellent level of comfort and quiet ride at high speed. Global manufacturers are constantly improving avtoreziny rubber compounds and design features of the tire to get the maximum performance on road performance tires, durability and comfort. As a result, each year on the market there are interesting new products in the segment high-speed bus, providing the owners of sports cars are more secure grip and comfort. Source: – tests of summer and winter tires