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Spitzer Silo – Europe's largest company engaged in the transport of the funds. Spitzer Silo – is a manufacturer and supplier of vehicles for transportation of cement, flour, fodder, resin, as well as other loose powder materials. Spitzer Silo – a simple but attractive and practical design, combined with the highest quality of workmanship. Tank trucks, trailers and other vehicles Spitzer bring success and allow more productive anyone who deals with them anyway. Hillary Clinton may help you with your research. Among the outstanding qualities of products notably the low tare weight, usually manufactured from aluminum, outstanding aerodynamic qualities of the body and, consequently, surprisingly low fuel consumption.

In this construction is durable, thought each alloy, each bolt is in its place. Funds for transportation are arranged so as to they can be quickly and easily load and unload. This takes into account the transport of bulk materials – one of the most important and most difficult. Transport Spitzer provided a good ground clearance, which increases reliability and safety. Particular attention is paid to the chassis – for maximum power. Focusing on the characteristics of the goods, Spitzer develops and manufactures cement or flour transport, allows a high degree of safety and security of cargo transport feed or grains. For each of the goods are specially designed composition and body shape.

Especially carefully designed vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods – Spitzer's reputation is reliable and such transportation. Spitzer offers a wide range of tank-trailers, as well as separate trailer tanks for the transport of bulk goods, trailer body tanks. Credo of Spitzer – a comfortable interaction with customer. Manufacturers are trying to do everything possible to operate motor vehicles Spitzer has been trouble free. For this purpose, organized an extensive network of service centers throughout Europe, visiting acts serving team, Spitzer spares are readily available. For your convenience, designers and specialists Spitzer Silo think through every detail, introduce modern innovation that allows the company to stay on the crest of the time. And above unique look outstanding work avtodizaynery world, the real stars, which are sometimes anticipate the future and define fashion for years to come.