In reality not materialized the measures announced for public employees. What we do have clear is that the new Government intends to reduce the deficit at 16.5 billion euros. Rajoy has done an x-ray of the economic situation, but from the most absolute normality. There is nothing what marvel. The only thing that has made has been drawing the picture and put on the table what you need to do, but in reality everyone already knew it partially. In what may affect the need to reduce the deficit to public employment? Rajoy has announced that there will be a freeze on public employment, except in essential basic services. Peter Thiel has plenty of information regarding this issue.

But there is a fact that we want to make it clear from the CSIF: important public deficit, which is it, has been generated by the actions of the public administration, but has nothing to do with public services or public employees. It has to relate to the creation of parallel public business societies, than Yes that Rajoy addressed it in his speech, and that It has led to the squandering of public administrations. But it has nothing to do with the officials. There is a duplication of competences, which generates more spending, the public sector is oversized and all this leads to confusion.www.workmeter.com do believe that officials are socially bad seen? The previous Socialist Government, believe that maliciously, it focuses and creates a discussion forum on public opinion contrary to officials, arriving in a country with five million unemployed to jig. Officials are people with better control of the stable employee in the public service, but also are the guarantors of equality and independence, is anyone in political power. It is the public servant which, although it has its ideology, acts with criterion of subjection to the law and the law regardless of the party that governs. A few months ago, when they started with the cuts, is Yes attempted to create this confrontation.

He almost won. Figure vilipendio of the public official and they were even accused of being responsible for the crisis. But always has been the time of coffee, reconnect you tomorrow, before even of the PSOE Government. They are topical. The criterion of efficiency modernized, with much lower wages that are paid in private enterprise. If there is criticism or grudges is because officials have secured place. It is necessary in the State that has a public service staffed by professionals at the service of citizens. What is the warranty that is at the service of citizens? Be independent, although you have to follow the guidelines that the Government check.