Education And Technological Advances

While we are in a changing society full of innovation and surprise forms and means of achieving a single goal, education was not exempt from this change or transformation. since some years has transformed and improved the way that educators convey their knowledge to the learners, with the above, we refer to support teaching and technological resources used for research and teaching of pedagogy in a classroom and why not say, beyond. Today in education, the student is and must be proactive to get ahead, the demands of current pedagogy so require. Technology in education is the bridge between research and theory and is a decisive improvement in the quality of teaching-learning process. technological procedures are part of the teaching methods and educational tools that are provided to teachers a way to implement the achievement of the objectives, by creating of activities, from the characteristics of program content, which could guide and direct the student toward a specific purpose.

The information technology applied to the field of education in order to streamline the educational processes, improve performance of the school system and ensure access to the conventionally excluded groups, allows education to be for everyone, anywhere and with a highly affordable cost. New technologies and their incorporation into the education sector promoting the creation of new learning environments that directly affect the actors in the teaching-learning process, that is ultimately learner and educator is to prepare for self-learning.

This opens a challenge to our educational system, concerned about the acquisition and interpretation of information and reproducing it on the basis of previously established patterns. For all the foregoing that the education system goes from being a model to be a model unidirectional multidirectional. Currently, there are substitute and in many educational institutions of our country, the textbooks for more open and flexible model, where information is located in databases, and tends to be shared among several students this is an alternative aimed at modifying the classroom and hall classes, interaction with peers and teachers who do not have to be located in the same spatial context. But what is truly relevant to applied technology education is the achievements obtained by the student, since not only achieved the increase of knowledge but the development of creativity in them. He moves the student from being a passive to be a local interactive feel to technology and education as their own.