Another approach is to make memorable names so that your customers can type it without work, the name does not have to be descriptive of the product you sell, for example amazon.com sells books. Also, you keep the name as short as possible so it easy for your customers typing in the url field. Now that you have your website with a name and a clear idea of how you want it to look, here are some important points to build your site. If you have images to your site, you need to optimize first with an image editor, like pix resizer, thereby browsers do not have to block them. This will also accelerate the time Download your page so your customers can see them quickly without having to wait for heavy images displayed on the screen. One of the most annoying things for people surfing the web are pages that take too long to download. All those fancy graphics will not do you any good if instead of waiting for the download page, the visitor closes the browser and goes elsewhere, so consider staying light images and content of your information heavy. You must also think seriously about what colors you're using font and background color.

When in doubt, remember that a white background with black text has been successful for thousands of years!. Your website must also be easy to navigate, all the leagues should be obvious to the visitor, and must be self-explanatory or have information about where the league lead. Now, before you open any page editing software, you must build your site on paper. Decide how many pages you'll need on your site, and define software titles for each page. Think of the images you would like to place on each page and where you are positioned so that they are more effective.

You should plan your site links at this time, it will be easier to follow them up later and will save you time crawls when you are not working properly.