Draw Ceiling

Each element in interior design can be used to create a certain atmosphere of the room. Ceiling – definitely no exception to this rule. Even something simple, such as the contrast between the ceiling and, can seamlessly integrate into the overall design direction. However, so when you set a goal to do something really memorable, distinctive from the rest, offer you 10 interesting ideas. 1. The whole house is upside down! Turn the world upside down: take some items to a tee are what do you have in the room (such as stationery, cups and plates, mouse pad or the mouse itself, in general, that you seem more appropriate), and glue them to your ceiling – randomly or symmetrically with those who remain "nepodveshennymi. Complete this ensemble blots of paint, or draw something related to what has already been glued. You can draw a teaspoon, a ruler, another plate or wire to Doris mouse.

If you are really ready to absolute vanguard – then transfer it to the ceiling – a de facto or painted – furniture (say, a table with previously shortened legs), lamps and other items. The effect is very unusual, believe me. You eventually get used to, but others – hardly. 2. Fashion. Murals – the most recent of the European trends in decor. Create a frescoes by another world on your ceiling, or use this technique to visually enlarge the room, still drawing murals on the wall. Very popular starry sky and space vortices, but you can Draw whatever you want.