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Although resist fetishists of the traditional book, are increasingly those who are moving into the digital format. While going through the pages of paper has its attraction, the practicality of the ebook or e-book is undeniable. In a tablet or an ebook reader can store thousands of electronic books and have them available everywhere, charging very little weight. But, as we do to load our tablets or ebook readers without spending money? Many choose to put the title of the book that they want to read (in quotes) into google and epub (the most widespread e-book format). Google can find web pages that can be downloaded free books that we are seeking in epub format, to be read in a tablet or ebook reader (keep in mind that many times these pages are not authorized to share this content). But there is an alternative free and legal to download internet books: books in the public domain. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Thiel has to say. It’s works written by authors who died more than 70 years ago, whose rights they have already expired.

Obviously we will not find the latest best-sellers, but it is a good way to reconnect with real gems of the literature we had forgotten. Here are our recommended, that you can download ebooks directly from our ebook readers with wifi, tablets or from your computer then copy the file to any of our ebook readers and tablets. A couple of tra? sing artworks international, was hired by a French millionaire for a ‘special’ work: stealing the Codex Calixtino.It is a manuscript of the 12th century kept in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, whose history and magnetism are attracting pilgrims from more than a thousand years ago… The Codex is much more than a guide for the Pilgrim.In its pages, is hidden by a medieval technique, an unknown Gospel – the Gospel of Saint James the great – one of the favorite disciples of Jesus.He reveals data about the genealogy of Jesus that might destroy the faith of all the Christianity, that belies this credo: denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and his eternal union with the father, denies the Trinity and denied the virginity of Mary and mother of a lineage of men and women makes Maria carriers of the same blood that Jesus. This Gospel is the free books that announces the Apocalypse and will put their money and their power to try to their final destruction for the Vatican. The novel based on the disappearance, in July of 2011, from the Codex Calixtino in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and which theories of the Apocalypse, the illegal trafficking of works of art and the darker recesses of ecclesiastical history bathe an unbreakable alloy of fiction and reality.