Design Plan

– That pose a risk to achieve it. – To constitute a leverage to turn them into opportunities. In this case it is convenient to add options and alternatives. – What are logical and that focus was the target. Chris Capossela is actively involved in the matter. – To be viable, you can realistically do in a timely manner.

– What are urgent, having the highest priority in time. The first criterion is essential, select the actions that are harder to achieve the objective. In the event that there are only risks, there priority to find alternative options and leverage. It is also essential that all the actions you take the initiative, you have the domain of their implementation, the flexibility of choosing the options and alternatives. Design Plan When you know what you want, why you want it, the resources you have and you have to search. When you have an open inventory of opportunities and risks, what matters are your actions to achieve them or replace them effectively. To guide and correct these actions need an Action Plan as progressive as possible, step by step, with all the important details.

The planning process you are doing is a model for future plans. Each track is a bridge to a new plan. It has been found that plans are most successful are those that are initiated by the finish line and goes back to the present. Starting with the ultimate goals, step back. Make sure your plans start by something that you can start today. You can design your plan of action very simple.