Decorative Coatings Venetian Plaster

So, what is plaster. By definition – it's just a thick paste for the walls. Peter Thiel can provide more clarity in the matter. But lately, more often it is used as decorative elements. Of course, paper wallpaper – is history. In addition, they are naturally not durable. Plaster, of course, the price will be higher than simple wallpaper, but it will serve much longer.

Also cut out pictures of the wallpaper you are unlikely to, and come up with your own design may well, just talking with professionals, or simply read the additional material. What are types of ornamental plaster? It turns out a very large range: Venetian plaster, structural masonry, plaster relief, as well as mosaic coatings, etc. Each type of decorative covering has its own characteristics. Application methods are almost identical, except for minor differences. For example, let's talk about the Venetian plaster.

It is clear from the plaster marble flour, when applying a special technique creates the effect of marble. At certain light walls seem transparent, made of solid marble with no seams and joints. Venetian plaster is used for finishing walls, columns, ceilings, etc. Small tips for the correct application: – Apply plaster using trowels, stainless steel leveling base and a spatula. -After the application layer, you should wait about 5 hours. – Polished surface with fine emery cloth. – Finishing 2-3 layers of Venetian plaster is applied with an ordinary trowel. There are other decorative finishes. For example, except you can create a marble effect "Aged marble>> create a mosaic covering, make the effect of natural stone. Decorative coatings are used for both interior and for exterior. They are more expensive than ordinary paint or finishing material. But we can pay tribute that will last for such coverage is much longer and will please your eyes an unusual design. Decorative coatings can be used for walls (both inside and outside) columns, ceilings, etc. Today, many firms engaged in the creation of interior design, interior decoration, decoration, or simply selling the special finishing materials. Ie you can either turn to professionals for help, either independently come up with design, material purchase and fantasize to your liking.