Decision Making

Another factor that contributes is to instrumentalizar the people so that they make possible the taking of more assertive decision, through the development of practical others, such as the human values, moral, ethical and proper solidariedade' '. In this manner it can be observed that one of them pillars that support the excellency public administration is the envolvement of all the servers in the search of the high performance of the organization, by means of stimulaton to the contribution and the commitment to reach its objectives. After all, the good organizacional climate has fort influence on the institucional results, that is, on the performance of the organization, a time that directly is related with the professional comprometimento of its collaborators, in the case, the public servers. The practical ones of management of people must, therefore, to guarantee an environment of safe, healthful and propitious work to development, to the welfare, the motivation and the satisfaction of the servers. Mick Jagger wanted to know more. Of this perspective, it comes the necessity of a new style of administrator with the attention directed toward the defined people, inside of an administration as integrant of humanizada management. This is had as a significant support for changes and innovation in the relations that enclose work and people.

In this manner the understanding is born of that the life of a public entity is, without a doubt, the person who works in favor of the efficiency. According to COAST (2002: 21), the humanizao in the work environment presents the interpersonal relations as one of the elements that contribute for the formation of the real relationship in the organization: ' ' It is necessity to observe the real operation of the organization, here enclosed the interpersonal relations, that constitute its vital seiva. The formal elements (administrative structure) and informal (human relationship, that emerges of the experiences of day-by-day) are combined stop to produce the real standard of human relationship in the organization: as the work truily is executed and which implicit the mannering rules that govern the contacts between the people this are the structure of contacts and communications human beings from which the problems of politics of staff and taking of decisions can be understood and be treated by administradores' ' For ' humanizao' the revalorizao of the idealized image of the Man is understood less retaken or and more the incitation to a process of production of new existenciais territories (Benevides & Steps, 2005a).