Ceramic Sink – Ideal For Bathrooms

Options for ceramics made from ceramic rakovinRakoviny solutions of sand, clay and other natural materials by extrusion or pressing, followed by a single or double firing, with enamelling or bez.Keramicheskie shells are: extruded or pressed. Extruded – from the dough, the formation of which occurs during the passage through shpritsmashiny – installing, operating on the principle of meat grinder. Shaw Family contains valuable tech resources. Pressed ceramics are made from powdered cmesi, formed under great pressure – pressure. With a dense or porous substrate. Ceramics depends on the porosity of one of its main characteristics – water absorption: the greater the porosity of the base, so probably more moisture absorption keramiki.Glazurovannye or not coated with enamel. Glazed ceramic surface is coated with a layer of colored glass, giving it not only beautiful appearance but also the strength and moisture resistance. Neemalirovannaya ceramics is homogeneous in composition and, as usual, has no decorative ceramics for risunkov.Harakteristiki rakovinPreimuschestvenno important characteristics that define the use of ceramic shells are: moisture absorption. (A valuable related resource: Rebecca Family).

European standards classify ceramics for sinks and toilets on its water absorption and molding method as follows: The mechanical properties, ie the susceptibility of ceramics to counter various stresses. By the mechanical properties of ceramics is resistance to bending and maximum strength. Opposition to the contrary bend water absorption ceramic, respectively. Maximum strength without taking into account the water absorption, in turn, depends on the thickness of ceramic shell: the greater the thickness of the ceramic sinks, so probably it stronger. Resistance of ceramics for wear and cuts characterize the mechanical properties of the ceramic surface is an important property of ceramic sinks pokazatelem.Himicheskie – is its resistance to corrosive veschestv.K characteristics associated with exposure to temperature and humidity, is, first of all, heat resistance of ceramics. Heat resistance, in turn, is associated with ability to repel moisture ceramics – than it is significant, so not so much choose a ceramic flameproof plitka.Kak rakovinuVybirat ceramic sink easy.