Capital Letter

Already we had the chance of revealing in them in previous article concerning the miditico sensationalism in the Japanese event (1). It is perpetuated indignation. Passed more than three weeks of the tragic event of the nature that if abated under the city of Fukushima (11 of last March) the balances of the press continue to alarm the world-wide population, including the Brazilian. Substances propagated in some medias they had this week informed that ' ' the radioactive iodine (2) in the water of the sea, the 300 meters of the plant, went up for 4,4 a thousand times the acceptable text in day 31 (of March) ' ' (3). – also magazine Capital Letter of 06 of April of 2011, fls. 19. In 05 of this exactly month the press says in an increase of fabulosos five million times! For the lay reader who frightful index would be this? Where the attempt weighs all to impose fear and discredit with the use of the nuclear energy, as brake to the alternatividade of electric production, for example, the raised crisis does not obtain to be restored with effectiveness. Why? Because security of nuclear installation is impensvel for the agreement of the average man. The studies where if they base the radiological protection in these environments, at least can be compared with any other structures of engineering, despite of great transport, as they happen in constructions of bridges, viaducts or faranicas structures of the world-wide architecture. (4) Where, therefore, it starts the reality of the facts and where finishes the assumptions raised for the media? For first, it has of if remembering, that currently in Japan authorities and international agencies enabled meet to analyze all the data generated for the nuclear energy dislocated by the region (5); soon, information of that have not died or sick in result of the emptying of nuclear energy, effectively, it cannot lying or be camouflaged.