Bill Gates

This information will help public awareness, remote sensing technology, work and study, the interaction of people with through social networks, "distributed" relationships in society. To form an enemy image of people enjoying the free Internet, even very difficult, probably impossible. Disabling Ineta today is fraught with "Color" revolution. Hence – we are doomed to live with the EU without the bloody conflicts that do not get up the rulers. A competitive products and services, the struggle for markets, was, is and will be the touchstone, check for the correct course management. What always drove technological progress. Today, the economy rules the world of ideas and technology! 2.

'Redesign' of society. " "Society is constantly transformed, and technology plays a crucial role in this process, influencing and responding to these changes. Technology and our lives are constantly "redesign" in the process of interaction. " The consumption of information in electronic (digital) form is one of the basic needs and provides equal opportunities to millions of ordinary people from the provinces. A "foreign successes are beneficial to all," as Bill Gates and "eliminates the distance" divide men. Particularly benefit from "Information superhighway" of the future ICT active, creative people – who are the main locomotives of history. Indeed, the powerful intrusion of personal computers, the Internet and the ubiquity spread of mobile communication, suggests that the emergence of a new community of people – more sociable, more free, less fettered totalitarian ideology of superiority of their country of residence, in front of others.