Bath Design THG Paris

Lighting design concepts presented taps for private spa and Bath Design THG Paris: Le 11 by Alberto Pinto for Alberto Pinto, the Interior Designer, highly valued for its splendid villas, yachts and private jets international facilities, include the faucets of THG Paris an extravagant bathroom. Since it was obvious that the successful designer one with his keen sense for quality and craftsmanship to design bathroom faucet for THG Paris. Et voila: the result is 11 by Le Alberto Pinto, a strikingly purist faucet, lines edged by their geometric shapes, soft curves with perfect proportions. “Price is from circa 1,069,00. great debut for Le 11 by Alberto Pinto designed yacht red square” (72 m), which runs this spring from the stack. THG Paris presents the collection of Daum connoisseurs of glass art of in particular the ecole de Nancy in the time of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, the name of Daum is a term.

Louis Majorelle and Dali, Georges Braque and Arman are just a few of the famous names of that are closely connected with the Daum glass artists. In the Center stands the Pate-de-verre technique known since ancient times. It was by Daum 1968 newly discovered and refined processing of crystal glass: A time-consuming lost wax method allows even detailed contours in perfection, as it cannot be reached using the traditional glass-blowing technique. Now have teamed up to the artisans by Daum and THG Paris and use their joint expertise, exceptional bathing – room fittings developed a luxurious collection. The collection of Daum comprises six series. Naturalistic forms and motifs are typical: acanthus – and Ginkgo leaves, flowers, fossils, or swallows adorn knobs and handles in green, yellow and blue colours.

In the series Dragon wrapped around the knobs of in luck transferring the tradition of Chinese Dragon. He is Sun yellow, Lunar grey or jadegrun. Each piece is unique: the complex manufacturing process allows colours arise, are limited to affect that. No two products are the same, each piece is unique. Price presents the faucet from circa 7105,00 THG Paris by Olivier Gossart during the design work for a new project and the sophisticated bathroom associated Olivier Gossart pondered, THG Paris, the leading French manufacturer of luxury fittings and accessories, to connect his own brand. Said and done. The Paris living interior designer, designer and scenographer designed a contemporary faucet with the name so, receives a modern lightness through its pommel in the form of a glass cube. CHAUD”and FROID” hot and cold in the optical glass laser, which is durable, scratch-resistant when compared to conventional glass. The faucet so there are of course also pure without script. by Torsten Muller the expert round to the topic of Spa and bath design from Bad Honnef