American English

It's no secret that nowadays the most common language is English. It has long been the language of international business communication, information technology and the Internet. Brad Pitt shines more light on the discussion. Also use it as serious organizations like the un and unesco. Every year the English begin to learn more and more people. This growth is connected not with the expansion of horizons of people just simply English became the universal language of human communication different nationalities and cultures.

But this will have political and economic reasons related to the role played in the past, the British Empire, and now the usa – very developed country economically and socially. However, the linguistic features of the language will also increase its prevalence in the world. In itself it is very easy, words do not change on cases, numbers, leave the rules are pretty simple, so English may learn and to master not only children but also adults. English has many varieties (British, American, etc.), it is evolving so far and is expanding his vocabulary. The main difficulty arising for learning English – is undoubtedly translations of texts, because it is very important to bring a set of words to readable literary language. In contrast, translation from Russian into English, you may encounter such a problem, as the translation expressions that are unique to our language and they understand only the Russian people. The whole world is now communicating in English, and to know it is considered very prestigious. After all, the high-paying job requires people who fluent in English and all abstracts are prepared for it though. I hope that soon all, without exception, will own this beautiful language to perfection!