In other words, what searchs almost that the time all is a hiding place against what can magoar in them, wounding or to harm. some times we are so pra low, that any said word outside of hour can ache as one I beat in the stomach. The great problem is that to live in the top of the mountain of where you contemplate the others without being seen it implies simultaneously in not participating, becoming mere an observer of the life. then you create a rule of contradictory survival there: I> Isaiah 44Deus longs for its life something very superior the one that everything that exists in the planet Land.

But in what we understand as now, It also has plans for its physical life, what he ahead needs to be led and to be concluded. Jesus, when praying for its disciples, asked for to the Father who did not take off them of the world, but he exempted that them of the evil. I do not ask for you take off that them of the world, but that the free ones of the evil. Joo 17Em today, we make use of a perfect alternative: to search the shelter in God, without with this losing any of the good and happy things, which> we have right. Next to the Father, the biggest challenges will be loosers, and that old sensation of I beat in the stomach will be substituted by the affection of a hand friend. Video: To attend video, where I speak on ‘ ‘ Alternativas’ ‘ , it visits our site in section LINKS. Or click in the address below:.