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Brazilian Education

This reality places in scene the school employees. (NAVARRESE, 2006, p.45-46) Previously to this publication of the MEC several other legislaes already defined the democratic and participativa management as form to guide the work to manage an education institution. This form of management is present, of explicit, clear form: – in article 206 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988; Art. 206 – Education will be given on the basis of the following principles: I – equality of conditions for the access and permanence in the school; II – freedom to learn, to teach, to search and to divulge the thought, the art and knowing; III – pluralism of ideas and conceptions pedagogical, and coexistence of public and private institutions of education; IV – gratuitousness of public education in official establishments; V – valuation of the professionals of the pertaining to school education, guaranteed, in the form of the law, plans of career, with ingression exclusively for public competition of tests and headings, to the ones of the public nets; VI – democratic management of public education, in the form of the law; VII – guarantee of quality standard. (source: ). – of articles 1 and 2 of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Brazilian Education n 4,024 of 1961 HEADING I Of the Ends of the Art Education. 1 the national education, inspired in the principles of freedom and the ideals of solidarity human being, has finally: ) the understanding of the rights and duties of the person human being, the citizen, the State, the family and the too much groups that compose the community; b) the respect to the dignity and the basic freedoms of the man; c) the reinforcement of the national unit and international solidarity; d) integral development of the personality human being and its participation in the workmanship of the common good; e) the preparation of the individual and the society for the domain of the scientific and technological resources that allow them to use the possibilities and to win the difficulties of the way; f) the preservation and expansion of the cultural patrimony; g) the conviction to any different treatment for reason of philosophical certainty, religious politics or, as well as the any preconceptions of classroom or race. .


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Astronaut Neil Armstrong

After the defeat of the regime of Adolfo Hitler, the brain behind the German rockets, Wernher von Braun, was recruited by the United States to develop its space program. The space race was one of the main ingredients of the ideological clash between the two great powers: United States and the Soviet Union. In the 1950s prevailed the idea of who first conquered space, also dominate the world the first point the Soviets won it on October 4, 1957, with the launch into orbit of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik I. The first Cosmonaut who was able to see the Earth from space was also Russian. The voyage of Yuri Gagarin was a great success, even at the expense of the sacrifice of the first living being that reached outer space: the dog Laika. In the meantime, the United States remained behind.

In 1961, President John F. Eddie Money shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Kennedy announced a plan that, indirectly, consolidated the space race as a pulse between political dogmas. It was the birth of the Apollo program. On July 20, 1969, little more than one decade after Sputnik I issued his intermittent signal at the globe in the name of communism, the Apollo XI mission descended on the moon. As Astronaut Neil Armstrong, pointed out by putting your foot on lunar soil, it was a small step for man, and a great leap for mankind, who also represented one of the most important achievements of the American adventure in space. sight to the discussion.

The space race required great advances in all areas of science and technology, many of which would have been unthinkable not have existed that field of virtual battle between Washington and Moscow. Also, several of those achievements, today are widely applied, for example, in medicine, telecommunications and informatics. After the fall of the Berlin wall, and the fall of the Soviet Union, the space race was left behind, to become a joint venture, also involving other actors of the international community. Also the original look towards the sky spirit has reborn: learn more about the space that surrounds us to learn more about ourselves, while the lack of rivalries have removed the political momentum and, above all, the big budgets that require space missions.

Social Development

Observation and measurement of the activities that the children developed in teaching activities could see how the Computing helps develop feelings and attitudes towards the work of the revolution in the formation of a basic elementary computer culture, systematic development of collectivism, solidarity, generosity, diligence and modesty expressed in organisational forms assumed by the teaching of computing, express emotion and pride in solving problems of learning through activity fun using the different educational software, the development of intellectual abilities within the learning process of the child and the girl from the recognition, observation, comparison and identification in different situations that present the educational software on the basis of the plan of study, interact with the educational software based on learning needs and the solution of practical problems of the subject of the degreerun with the help of master educational software at different levels of depth, its role and importance in the social life of man specifically in the education sector.

Survey of parents in total 125 parents are surveyed. Within the main aspects included in the survey include: 97% of the sample believed that the introduction of the computer in the process of learning is very important and they based their responses based on criteria which include as basic aspects the motivational component development, development of skills and improvements in learning. 85% Of parents noted changes in the children from the use of the computer such as: more interest in escuela(84,6%), improvements in spelling and calculation (79%), increase in interest in the subjects (73.3%), development of logical thinking (89%), motivation and interest in the tasks and the independent study (94%), improvements in school discipline (32%)interest to know aspects related to information technology (96%), occupy more time in school things (83.4%). Learn more about this with Mickey Hart. Interview with Directors: total is interviewed 2 executives including director (1) and (1) head of degree, with the aim of collecting criteria and experiences in school organization and the actions relating to the introduction of computation in school practice centres, in this sense could see that: 100% of the sample attributed great importance to the introduction of the computer in the learning process of children and girls.