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CO2-neutral And Clean

On the RENEXPO 2011 Dr Pley presents catalysts, wood gas cogeneration and measurement services Bamberg, 15th September 2011. Dr Pley environmental is from 22 to 25 September 2011 on the RENEXPO in Augsburg (Hall 1, stand H-02). At the energy fair for efficient and sustainable energy generation, distribution and use Dr Pley presents the complete range of products and services of the company. Dr Pley specializes in the environmentally friendly generation of energy from biomass combustion. The company offers ChimCat for stoves and large plants for biomass combustion, wood block heat and power plants (CHP) gas measurement services for the analysis of emissions from biomass combustion catalysts. The RENEXPO 2011 takes place for the twelfth time. The Organizer expects around 350 exhibitors and over 14,000 visitors.

Catalysts provide ChimCat minimal pollution during incineration of biomass, such as wood, wood chips or wood pellets, resulting in large plants or fireplace and tiled stoves pollutants such as particulate matter, Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. ChimCat Dr Pley catalysts can be fitted in all types of stoves and large plants for biomass combustion. To convert such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and water. Particulate matter also remains in the catalytic converter, and burns without residue. The RENEXPO 2011 we show on the most advanced technology on the market”, says Martin Pley, managing partner of Dr Pley environmental. We deliver powerful ChimCat catalysts for large-scale systems, aftermarket catalytic converters for existing stoves and tailor-made catalysts for the products of leading fireplace manufacturers. Wamsler, Piazzetta and MCZ manufacturers belong to our first customer.” Wood gas CHP provides for decentralised clean energy generation Dr Pley as general contractor series suitable for wood gas cogeneration plants, which produce locally, CO2-neutral and low emissions electricity and heat. When wood heating is wood gas which ignites immediately after its creation.

A Wood gasifying boilers prevents the inflammation, collects the escaping gas, prepares it and used it to drive an internal combustion engine. This generates electricity in combination with a generator. The resulting heat energy can be as district heating or industrial plants, greenhouses and other facilities use. Our wood gas cogeneration plants run up to 7,500 hours annually and reach an efficiency of up to 82 per cent, 32 per cent of electrical energy and 50% heat energy”Pley says. We equip our wood gas cogeneration plant with ChimCat catalysts. They work also low-emission and environmentally.” Environmental measurement services for biomass combustion biomass combustion are subject to strict guidelines for emissions. The mobile measuring system by Dr Pley calculated the complete spectrum of pollutants in real time and thus in different operating conditions. We use one of the most powerful mobile measuring systems in Europe”, says Pley. It measures the complete emission, verifies the compliance with “relevant limits and catalysts by means of exact simultaneous measurements the performance of our ChimCat.”

The Twenga Twenga, the open shopping platform that offers the largest selection on the Internet. Thanks to its own technology, Twenga lists all products, all online stores and all prices, which are finding it on the Internet. The Twenga company was founded in 2006 by Bastien Duclaux and Cedric Anes. Meanwhile, Twenga is active in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, the United States, Australia, Japan and China, and offers over 400 million products from more than 200,000 online merchants around the world. Technology Investor is the source for more interesting facts. Over 45 million Internet users have visited the Twenga pages alone in November 2010. “In the last year, Twenga has the Red Herring 100 award global won, which is awarded to the 100 most innovative companies in the world, and was by Ernst & young as a company of the future” award. Web site: Facebook: TwengDE press contact: of oxide sales: Freiburger OXID eSales AG is a leading provider of E-commerce software. More than 3,000 online-shop owner B2C and B2B in the various industries appreciate scalability, modularity and quality of oxide eShop, Lekkerland, Fressnapf, Neckermann, Strenesse, Intersport, gravis and Deutsche Post.

Enjoy in the implementation of the flexible customization options within the standard software (quick time, low cost), the know-how of the oxide over 100 certified solution partner and in the operation of direct contact for support and development of the manufacturer. The application provides an interface for the E-Commerce intelligence platform oxide eFire. OXIDE eFire is the gateway to E-commerce in the cloud and allows the professional management including online marketing, market places, and payment services as well as credit checks and the intelligent search on a single user interface. OXIDE eShop is commercial Open source software developed and released. The benefits of this are higher speed of innovation, quality developments and long-term investment protection for the user. More about oxide eSales can be found on:

Possibilities Of Nail Extension Or Strengthening

Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informed what woman knows the trouble not: fingernails grow, how they want, are fragile or when painting, what goes wrong again and again. Since many women emphasize however handsomely crafted and perfectly groomed fingernails, enjoys the nail design of large and ever-growing popularity. Just for women who have had no experience with artificial finger nails or nature nail reinforcement, the offer is often confusing, because there are some very different techniques for this purpose. Economist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Beauty professional Birgit Neumeyer creates clarity. In general distinction is made between the natural nail extension and reinforcement of the natural nail when the nail design.

At first the natural nail is lengthened by stencil, tip, or fiber glass technology. For enhancing natural finger or even toe nails the nail is with gel, acrylic or fiberglass covered and thus strengthened and protected. For both purposes, as just indicated, there different approaches. For more information see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Artificial nails, known as tips, are used for the natural nail extension like. The plastic nails comes in different versions and individually adjust the finger nails. They are applied using an adhesive on the natural nails.

The stencil technique on one represents alternatives this is attached a template under the natural nail and the extension with gel or acrylic on models. This is hardened, the template can be removed. On the other hand, there are the fiber glass technique, which is however only suitable for minimal extensions of your natural nails. Both artificial and natural nails the nail can be used then. Here are four techniques distinguished, of which two are particularly worth highlighting: the acrylic technique and the gel technology. The acrylic technique is the older of the two, was the first method for the nail, and originated in the United States. This will be for the modelling acrylic powder and Acrylliquid mixed with each other and with a brush applied to the nails. The acrylic layer is air-curing, long-lasting and adheres very well without disrupting the oxygenation of the nail. The gel technique in this country and in Europe generally is the most popular model location method and very simple and easy to use: the nail is coated with gel, which must to cure under UV light. The nail and beauty expert Birgit Neumeyer finds the optimal kind of appealing nail design for each customer. In addition, she offers in her Studio nail & beauty an aunt in Tuttlingen wide range of beauty treatments, including permanent hair removal, manicure and pedicure and permanent makeup and much more. Birgit Neumeyer gives detailed information, of course like.