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Applied and spectacular satin steel, but this metal requires very careful maintenance. As cladding materials for the manufacture of kitchen most often used interline (Natural and synthetic) and polymers (laminate and melamine). From modern high-strength glass cabinet doors and make the shelves. Click Movie Star to learn more. For these doors hides built in oven, built-in kofevarka.V as materials for work surfaces – worktops – used but these materials are natural, synthetic and artificial stones. The increasing popularity gets Corian – high-tech material that is based on acrylic resin, mineral filler and pigment, it is durable, resistant to chemical attack and is not toxic.

Picking kitchen appliances built-in provides a great opportunity for implementation of various design plans. And you can do everything the way you like best. However, it must adhere to certain rekomendatsiy.Naprimer, next to a stove or built-in cabinet bottom oven does not have a sink, built-in dishwasher and built-in refrigerator, the best among them to provide at least a narrow 30-inch cabinet with doors or drawers yaschikami.Traditsionno built-in equipment is installed inside base cabinets headset, this arrangement helps to save space and, accordingly, to add more built-in appliances. If your kitchen is small and can not call it large size, it is not necessary to place all equipment at the bottom. It is much easier to install devices designed for cooking, at eye level, the better to observe the process. Oven, microwave ovens, coffee makers, steamers and are often embedded in tall cabinets, speakers with special compartments for equipment. With this arrangement you are free to observe and control the entire cooking process. That of course is very convenient, compared to if Appliances is at pola.Esli size of your kitchen is left wanting more, you can save on sliding work surfaces, which include board-mounted tables with drawers for cutlery; angular sliding, rolling elements, 'boring' shelves with several containers of various sizes, metal mesh, which can be 'stuffed' pull-out columns.


Car tuning fully reflects the human desire for its own uniqueness and diversity. And this desire manifests itself in different and sometimes totally bizarre ways. And therein lies its value, especially in our century unification of everything you can and line production. Tuning provides tremendous opportunities for human expression and creativity. Each of us tries to realize itself in them the best of their abilities. In auto tuning (refining, tuning), as a way to customize conventionally are several types. The first – tuning the interior.

For example, it is easy enough to make a special kind of band transmission elements. Simplest way – to replace the handle a full-time CPT for more stylish and original. There are plenty of options: style solutions from the "classics" to the high-tech, a variety of materials – aluminum, leather, carbon fiber, acrylic, backlit models. K stylish pen you can find a suitable enclosure to handle the wings. At the end of a good install base in aluminum frame, and replace the ugly parking brake chrome aluminum handle with black leather cover. Will rise slightly above the steering wheel. Options proposed changes have better ergonomics, a large selection of sizes, materials, manufacturing, design. Particularly different from other so-called rally wheels with Long reach the rim relative to the hub, road wheels with broad rim and high tides at your fingers. No less wide choice of finishes steering wheels, from leather and suede, to anodized spokes. Just do not forget that installation tuning steering will need a special adapter exclusively for your car model.