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Construction Materials

External transport to deliver goods to places outside the construction site. Vnutripostroechnym transport, is a continuation of the external, maintained construction site. In construction apply the following modes of transportation: rail, road water, air, cable-suspended, air and other areas of their application in a page-ve depends on several factors, such as range of transportation and most other mass species transport used in , is road transport, which has high maneuverability, and the construction industry – the railway. For assistance, try visiting mobile ad startup. Transportation transportomm water, both marine and river – the most cheapest way to transport goods. Role of river transport in the overall transport system of the country is largely determined by the geographical location of waterways and seasonal use. Air transport used for delivery of construction materials to remote places by helicopters, heavy aircraft, special transport airships.

Pipeline transportation can be used to transportation of bulk and piece of construction materials to their places of permanent consumption (from the quarries to the enrichment plant, from the enrichment plants to warehouses, etc.), pipeline transport can provide mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic. Cable-suspended transport has been used successfully for the delivery of construction materials in rugged terrain, the presence of water obstacles. Transportability is called ability to retain cargo during transport to its original quality. Containerisation and packaging used primarily for transportation of goods fragmented. For example, bricks laid in the''Christmas tree''carry on pallet width up to 75cm in length and 105 cm rise packet captures with pockets, excluding loss of brick, glass, pottery, tiles, aerated concrete and other brittle materials are transported in special metal or wood-containers, roll materials are transported in metal containers. In recent years a proliferation of''soft''containers, made of rubberized fabric metal frame.

Their''+'': minor curb weight, compact for return shipping in the folded form. According to the method of delivery, loading and unloading of construction materials are divided into piece – prefabricated , metal, wood, pipes and process equipment (with a unit weight exceeding 50 kg), small-pieces, packaged and custom-made for packing goods (with the unit weighing less than 50 kg), bulk materials, binder materials. Bundling – the union fragmented cargoes in the enlarged party, placed on pallets. Container inventory is called multi-device for bulk cargo. Serves as a universal container for transportation various fragmented cargoes, and special containers – to carry one type of cargo or a small group of goods.