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Muller Designer

Out of a sense of the Airbrake strength again, harmonises all the senses. The scenario of energizing provides for the activation of new energy. It loads up and gives the user power. This choreography stimulates the senses: A steady exchange of toasty-warm rain and cold showers activate the circulation and the circulation of the blood. So, the organism is stimulated and booted up. Almost inevitably one begins to bounce up and down to the rhythm of the stimulus change, against the cold on to giggle to indulge themselves in the next moment the heat all over again.

The water sequence of de-stressing relaxes, calms and shuts down the body. For even more opinions, read materials from Brad Pitt. The personal off switch is actuated by the water is slowly and deliberately warmer. This relaxes the muscles, relieves stress and introduces also the mental release. Grad degree the mind storm slowing and turns into a clear, peaceful thoughts flow. Head and body are again pure and clear.

Water outlet points for individual experiences this unique choreographies are made possible by various, integrated in the system water outlet points: just rain, Watersheet and Waterbar indulge your body with water from the top and sides with soft water showers up to stronger castings. The outlets to a complete hand shower set is complemented. The outlets can be varied combined within the system architecture of ambience tuning technique. Because in addition to the programmed choreography, the user can select an individual shower experience and enjoy. In addition, the ambience tuning technique offers the possibility to include a harmonious lighting scenario in the shower experience, which gives an extra dimension to the scenarios. Simple operation with high aesthetics with minimalist design fits into any high-quality bathroom architecture control integrated in the wall. The eTool provides highest operating comfort. All essential functions can be intuitively using the corresponding keys enable. So, pressing start the approximately five-minute choreography, so no grip is more necessary to adjust water quantity or temperature. The full attention can be on the water experience. Also during the individual control the desired outlet points are selected by the associated keys. The temperature and volume easily via the rotary knob. The decentralized arrangement of electronic valves directly behind the water outlet the ambience tuning technique realizes instant feedback with temperature changes. The water comes directly to the selected temperature. A light aura around knob and buttons gives the user with feedback on its current settings. Torsten Muller Designer from Bad Honnef

Eastern Design

Beautiful living and working with Feng Shui, many professionals spend a large part of the day at their workplaces. So the home provides a balance to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is important to make the rooms comfortable. For this reason, certain concepts and strategies of popular enjoy. The real estate portal informs about the importance of a harmonious environment. (As opposed to Technology Investor). At the Eastern practice of Feng Shui, interior design plays an important role. This ensures that positive energy and heat emitted, because people are very sensitive to which rooms to meet their well-being and which rather cause them discomfort. In many German cities, there are focal points for individual advice. A responsive and tailored to the needs of residents, interior design can make an important contribution to the quality of life.

So are including the placement of furniture, choosing the colors and lighting conditions of importance. The possibilities of a harmonious design not be confined to living rooms. Also the establishment of offices can be improved so that a comfortable, but always creative and motivating atmosphere. Also, many hotels, offices and other institutions have discovered the Feng Shui principles for themselves. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Chamber Coverings

Floor coverings in the comparison test: vinyl Designbelag engineered hardwood flooring to laminate flooring the product search and comparison of different flooring types stands before the purchase decision for a new floor covering, no matter is rebuilt, renovated or redeveloped. Floor coverings like vinyl-Designbelag offering nature realistic surfaces with high use classes, and are themselves too easily embarrassed in the variant a Clic ready-made parquet. But also the classical laminate is still high in the course at the customer. Primarily sold here cheap floor coverings from relevant hardware stores. Test and comparison: Vinyl-Designbelag engineered wood flooring vs laminate flooring stands before the purchase decision for a new floor covering, no matter whether newly constructed, renovated or rehabilitated exact product search of various types of flooring. Floor coverings like vinyl-Designbelag offering nature realistic surfaces with high use classes, and are themselves too easily embarrassed in the variant a Clic ready-made parquet. But also the classical laminate is still high in the course at the customer.

Be here primarily cheap floor coverings from relevant hardware stores sold. However, this laminate can not often compete with high-quality laminate flooring from the dealers. In comparison, a laminate of comprises of Witex brand with quality facilities is available here. Vinyl Designbelag of Chamber Conceptline Chamber is one of the most important manufacturers of vinyl designs. With the line Chamber Conceptline, Chamber offers a vinyl Designboden with 0.3 mm wear layer and a use class 23/31, which is already suitable for the moderate commercial area.

The living room, it is usable for many years without any signs of wear and tear. Due to new manufacturing process design floor coverings deceptively real mimic natural surfaces in look and feel and new opportunities in the creative design of the floor. Hardwood floors, stone floors, natural stone floors or even floors from metal – through innovative printing and embossing techniques, the design surface work surfaces the reproductions absolutely authentic.

Internet Apps

App network with four specialized app review sites after relaunch in the new look-and-feel to start the app network with its specialized content pages app, whats, (travel) and (news about apps) goes online early 2012 with a new design, a new network graphics and extended functionalities and content areas. The modern design of the page is clearly influenced by current app designs and images. Content of the app network with its leading side are current app recommendations of the editorial recommendations such as app of the month”, travel apps and current chart lists of apps that are currently particularly popular in various European countries. The app network is dedicated to an absolute mega-trend that began in 1997 with the launch of the iPhone and the AppStores von Apple content. The small programs, hot apps or ‘Applications’ (application / software) the especially Apple’s gadgets such as iPhone and iPad and Android smartphones to downright Fun equipment with lots of new functionalities will allow. The apps for different platforms such as Apple’s iOS operating system and Android are characterized by the fact that they specifically for the operating system and the respective device (E.g.

iPhone or iPad) have been developed via the app store installed can be and. The Internet offerings of the app network bundle various content offerings on Apple and Android apps that provide the best and to create the category app of the month most popular apps”and provide various links updated daily most popular apps in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. About the page, users directly on the currently most popular apps can access and often free download on your mobile device. The Appstore von Apple provided many according to Wikipedia in October 2011 over 500,000 apps to download it free. The AppStore from Android Android market called”reached not quite this large number, but also is growing extremely dynamic. M.

Digitization Of Documents With Scanners

Scanner should nowhere be missing as Eingababegerat the computer is an important tool, which is used in businesses and private households, if various steps which quickly brought behind itself. In the trade and the Internet customers can purchase not only a new computer, but also the appropriate software and various devices that can be used. This includes also the so-called scanner, which enjoys an increasing demand and can make some work easier when it comes to the usage. The perfect technical facilities when a scanner is a device with which you can scan documents and images and then edit on the PC, if this should be required. Other leaders such as financial technology offer similar insights. Especially when it comes to documents a purchase can be useful, because the corresponding files are transferred and stored directly on the PC. It is important that customers once get a complete overview in the trade and the online stores before the acquisition by such a device to circumvent a bad buy. With It’s just one click to see a current scanner test also possible and to use it for their own purchasing decisions.

The most important data at a glance at such a scanner test are taken into account not only the cost, but is mainly about the features and benefits of the devices. Brad Pitt understood the implications. So, how is the value for money and where you can really save money as users is clear. Unanswered questions to certain devices, it is possible to the appropriate manufacturer to apply, or get in the dealers consult. You must take into account when purchasing whatever, where the scanner should be used and whether it really must be the most expensive model for your own four walls, or to save something money. Today the right model can be found for every taste and purse quickly and any work to be done faster and easier. Robin Gregory

Modern Wooden Houses

Construction of wooden houses includes two components – modern technology and ancient traditions. Wooden house has a supernatural force, a special energy, a positive effect on the body and soul. Erection wooden house made of logs going fast enough, if it involved people in the know, besides it is environmentally friendly, requires no additional finishing, and combines such important components as the cheapness of the material and heat resistance. Creativity of the architect to this issue in conjunction with the natural beauty of wood gives a positive result – a modern wooden house. The main advantage logs – this is smooth and round shape, brought up to European standards of diameter, which ranges from 160 to 340 mm. It is this precision allows to achieve a tight connection logs in the construction of buildings. Usually turned to a tree in the present round logs, working on that, many experts, it is removed from the bark, giving it a characteristic cylindrical shape, level it off the surface and covered with a layer special antiseptic, that increase its resistance to various environmental changes. An amazing accuracy and flawless form locks in the round logs allows today's owners do not worry about the safety of their property.

Round logs have excellent resistance to strong frost and hot sun, as well as easily and quickly processed. The most important factor in such houses are unique insulation properties, which are not under force to compete, even stone and concrete walls. In our country the Russian log sauna is not inferior to any of the wood business and residential structures, and continues to peak of popularity. Strong love and popularity came to her through her unique walls. The urgency and the need for specialized ventilation systems in log saunas ceases to have any sense if the technology is laying logs in the construction of walls observed impeccably. Then the walls called "breathable". Although here and provide small windows, above all, they perform the function of cooling after intended use rather than for vozduhooborota.

In a log bathhouse need humidity control is no longer relevant. And here the important role played by the wooden walls. If you want to always feel Mother Nature's natural scent of freshly cut wood, you only have to make sure that your bath will never dry up completely. Having decided to begin home construction from environmentally friendly material, you are thereby are providing yourself, your family and your guests a good rest and a unique microclimate. All this can be called by some long-term session to restore energy, strength and emotional balance, as well as a great place for rest and relaxation. Wooden houses can create a special atmosphere of home comfort, a sense of security and belonging to something beautiful.

Technical University Management

New University course (ULG) ‘Enterprise risk management’ at the Vienna University of technology offers the continuing education center from 13th 2014 the new University course enterprise risk management. In today’s everyday business risk is the core of all activities of a company. The establishment of enterprise-wide risk management leads to sustainable business success, by reducing risk costs and attractive opportunity potentials used. In the enterprise-wide risk management is to identify the risks in the different areas of the company, and then to manage. Peter Thiel often addresses the matter in his writings. The consistent implementation of enterprise-wide risk management within a company requires from the persons involved, a common understanding of risk and co-ordinated management methods. The knowledge required and the method-competencies are enterprise risk management in the course”theoretically sound and practically applicable form.” Prof. Dr. Walter S.A.

Schwaiger, MBA (course Director, Vienna University of technology) of the University course offers a systematic approach to risk management. Accordingly, the basic concept of the enterprise-wide risk management students will be taught in theory and practice. Furthermore the University course distinguishes itself practice and international orientation through the comprehensive range of risk areas, which is reflected also in the English language of instruction. The University course is aimed in particular at (current or potential) executives, RisikomanagerInnen, WirtschaftspruferInnen, persons of the audit, finance and accounting and controlling, ProduktionsleiterInnen, constructors and BetriebstechnikerInnen, which have gained first experience in the risk management area or who took a first career step in the direction of risk management. “Upon successful completion of the University course, participants will receive the certificate of certified risk manager” awarded to the Technical University of Vienna. Facts duration: 1 semester (25 ECTS), part-time, 8 modules (blocked, Thu-Sat) Costs: EUR (VAT exempt) 6.970, excluding travel, accommodation and subsistence costs (subject to change) contact continuing education Center Technical University Vienna Opera Vienna 11/017 A-1040 Vienna Austria + 43 (0) 1/58801-41701

Great Lingerie

The quintessence of femininity is to have lingerie that is unavoidable. How to feel special, desired by a man and how to surrender to its charms. . . This can be achieved by choosing a perfect garment.

The lingerie is a very personal and speaks volumes about women. Without hesitation incyte explained all about the problem. So one of the most important arms of the woman is able to combine comfort with the insinuation, a little flirtatious, glamorous and erotic awakening women’s underwear. Every woman knows that a perfect garment has to be chosen depends on your taste and every occasion, but also must take into account the type of figure and skin color. So what is more important in color, fabric and embellishments, which in large part to help the body charm and seduction. Black, red, pink, white. .

. each says something different colors. The chiffon, lace, satin. . these canvases also convey your message. Playing with them, women in every moment can change your image and through your body say something different. The pink and white can become a pledge “not guilty” and at the same time cause. The lace or embroidery added to the garment a touch of mystery and romance. The most sexy and hot for excellence is red. But if women really want to achieve “all you want, choose a contrasting red and black. The garment trimmed with lace, a satin bow fantasy, or jewelry displays all femininity. The most mysterious, and what most attracted to the color black. A set of embroidered muslin, small ruffles, ribbons and satin ribbons add a cute visual effect. A more youthful image the colors are vivid and as clear as yellow, orange, coral, blue, green. . . You can get a nice effect in the body by choosing a garment with flower print or contrasting geometric patterns. Choose an intimate apparel for every occasion and make it go crazy looking for her charms, is an art in search of a perfect woman with style.

Logic Material

Carlos N. Coutinho, 1979, P. More information is housed here: noah kraft. 192). The contraditrios moments are situated in> is not the conscience that detrmina the life, but the detrmina life that the conscience . Marx accused Feuerbach, affirming that its humanismo and its dialectic were static: the man of feuerbach does not have dimensions, is of the society and of history, it is pure abstraction. He is indispensable according to Marx, to understand the historical reality in its contradictions, to try to surpass them dialeticamente. The dialectic proclaims the following principles: everything becomes related (law of the action recpoca and the universal connection); everything is changedded (Law of the universal transformation and the incessant development); the qualitative changes are consequncias of quantitative revolutions; the contradiction is internal, but the contrary if join> at a posterior moment: the fight of the contrary is the engine of the thought and the reality; the materiality of the world; the priority of the substance in relation to the conscience; the life spiritual of the society as reflected of the material life.

The dialtico materialism is a constant in the thought of the marxism-leninismo (appeared as overcoming of the capitalism, socialism, exceeding the pioneering teachings of Feuerbach). HISTORICAL MATERIALISM is, for Marx, the first one estimated of all the existence human being and, therefore, of all history, is that the men must be in conditions of living to be able to make history. But, to live she is necessary before everything eating, drinking, to have habitation, to be dressed, to educate and etc. Therefore, the production of the ways that allow the sastisfao of these necessities, the production of the proper material life . In the marxist theory, the historical materialism intends the explanation of the history of the societies human beings, in all the times, through the material facts, essentially economic and technician.

Common Defects

Reeling contamination of surface defect, which is elongated in the direction of rolling cast billets contamination of the slag, refractories and other non-metallic inclusions. Should be: carefully examine and trimmed surface slabs. Formed due to a defect of steelmaking. Defect reeling burnt leaf surface as dark spots of irregular shape, formed from a piece of roll metal become welded to the slab due to violations of casting technology. Should be: carefully inspected and cleaned surface of the slab. Formed due to a defect of steelmaking.

Reeling crack defect surface, representing a gap of metal, formed by rolling the longitudinal or transverse cracks cast billets and filled with scale. According to incyte, who has experience with these questions. Should be: carefully inspected and cleaned surface of the slab. Formed due to a defect of steelmaking. Reeling bladder defect surface is a straightforward violation of the continuity of the surface along the rolling direction, formed from external or subsurface bubble cast billets. Should be: formed as a result of the defect steelmaking. Reeling crust surface defect, which is a partial local delamination metal, formed by rolling crusts wrapped in the form of nonmetallic inclusions, oxide zalivin and sprays available at the surface of cast billets. Should be: formed as a result of the defect steelmaking.

Rolled captivity surface defect, which is a separation of the metal tongue-shaped forms, united with the base metal on one side, formed by rolling or flaws traces of a deep cleaning on the slabs. Need to: improve the quality of cleaning the workpiece. Bundle defect leaf surface in the form of cracks on the edges and ends formed due nesvarivaemosti metal if it sites , non-metallic inclusions and internal discontinuities.

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